Gifts for Gardeners: Essential Tools for Everyday Tasks

By Bonnie Grant | December 17, 2017
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by Bonnie Grant
December 17, 2017

As the author of “How Dirt Makes You Happy,” I know the serenity and sanity that can be derived from spending time in the garden. Not only is the fresh air good to clear the head and lungs, but the moderate physical exertion and genuine pleasure at one’s accomplishments are a natural mood lifter. Gardening is a skill to teach our children and grandchildren so they can harness the benefits and joy derived from this simple occupation. Roca is a company that helps inspire and educate, as it equips the young or seasoned gardener with all the tools necessary to start a project.

Christmas and birthday gifts that both teach and encourage children abound, but Roca has one that also lets children get an up close view of nature and science. Their garden set for children is durable, safe, colorful and just the right size for small hands. It comes with a cute little tote that has spaces for all the tools and more. Additionally, the kit comes with a booklet that meets STEM guidelines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills). It contains wonderful tidbits of information for kids as they explore the outdoors, especially about beneficial bugs and how to identify them. Best of all, the gardening kit can be multi-purpose. Take it along on a family beach holiday where it will help build sand castles and sculpt dreams.

Adults will also love Roca’s line of gardening products. In winter we are all itching for cold weather to hurry and leave, and spring to arrive. That is a good time to indulge in some garden gift giving for the holidays or just to feather your own nest with the necessary tools for the growing season. Roca garden tools come in nifty rolled totes with handles. The 3-piece set has ergonomic grips with cushioning on the contact side and is made of rust resistant stainless steel. The trowel is designed to help provide maximum leverage in heavy soils. A clawed cultivator has rigid angled tines that can tear through tough soil. The final piece is a transplanter, a slender trowel that includes depth markings to help ensure proper planting depth for seeds, bulbs and transplants.

Beginner gardeners will love the ease of use of the set, but it comes with an added bonus. A gardening guide to help you make the most of your gardening goals. Tips and tricks from experts will help novices and pros alike navigate the starting of any type of garden. The guide even comes with a compost chart that will give you the information necessary to make your scraps and yard debris into “black gold,” a compost mix worthy of even the most prized plants.

Gardening provides a host of benefits. Much of our daily life is filled with stress and the hurry-up timelines of modern living. Gardening reminds us of our connection to the earth and the slower pace of nature. It also releases powerful endorphins that can relieve pain. Serotonin released during moderate exercise is a neurotransmitter that can elevate mood and alleviate depression. Fresh air has been found to decrease incidents of ADHA and result in higher test scores among young people.

Combined with these benefits is the simple joy of watching things grow, along with harvesting and eating the fruits of one’s labors. Roca products can help enhance the process with strong, reliable tools that perform the above expectations for years.

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