Great Ideas For A Garden Room

By Cormac Reynolds | August 16, 2018
by Cormac Reynolds
August 16, 2018

Using a garden room as a space that blends the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of the home is not a new idea. There are a lot of homeowners out there who overlook the possibility, though! There are so many different options available to you when you construct a garden room that you may be overwhelmed at first. Here’s a basic summary of some of the most popular garden room options being built today:


Garden Office

It can be both satisfying and productive to turn a garden room into a home office. A garden office eliminates the hassle of commuting while also keeping your work and home life a little separate. A proper garden office is comfortable and useful in all seasons.


Retirement Living

If you have an aging relative who needs to live with you, giving them free rein over a garden room can be an excellent option. It allows them to maintain a sense of independence without straying too far from the family. Make a close, comfortable space for your loved ones by giving them a nicely-furnished section of the garden along with their own living space. Sturdy, comfortable garden furniture is particularly appreciated here!


Artist’s Studio

The creative arts are always easier to practice when they get a dedicated space of their own. An airy garden room with lots of natural light is ideal for a range of creative endeavors – painting, sculpture, photography, or even writing. Extend your creative space with a few well-chosen pieces of garden furniture so that you can take your creativity outdoors in favorable weather.


Home Gym

A garden room can be the perfect place to get fit. Private, climate-controlled, and easy to protect from inclement weather, garden rooms are ideal year-round exercise rooms. Get the exercise you need in a space that will make workouts pleasant!


Music Room

A little soundproofing can turn a garden room into an ideal space for cultivating musical skills. Master your instruments and chart out new compositions without disturbing the rest of the family! Use quality patio furniture to enhance the garden music room with an outdoor sitting area.


Game Room

A space devoted to gaming is ideal for occupying bored teens – or fun-loving parents, too! A garden room gives you the extra space you need for games like pool, table football, or cards. You can also use a flexible space for all manner of games and activities.


Home Theater

A separate garden room devoted to screening your favorite movie is a perfect way to enhance your enjoyment of the arts when space is tight in your home. Set up comfortable seating and a good sound system to turn your garden room into a magnet for movie nights!


Guest Room

The classic use for a garden room is to turn it into guest quarters. Invite dinner guests to stay overnight, house friends and relatives from out of town – a garden guest room amplifies your hosting abilities many times over.

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