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By Nikki Tilley | November 17, 2017 Co Author: Mary Ellen Ellis
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by Nikki Tilley
November 17, 2017
and Mary Ellen Ellis

Most gardeners are also avid growers of houseplants, but growing indoors is not the same and there are unique challenges: limited space, dry air and, of course, limited natural light. If you have a big bay window with optimal light, that’s great, but what if you don’t have a lot of light and you want to grow some more sensitive houseplants or even vegetables and herbs? Try a grow light.

Light and Indoor Plants

Light is an absolute necessity for growing plants, but it’s not always something you have to think too much about in the garden. Inside, your light may be severely limited. Even with a sunny window, the sun is only shining through part of the day. There are many houseplants that will do well in indirect light, but for growing something that’s pickier about light, you have an issue.

This is where a grow light can be useful. Vegetables and other plants need 14 to 16 hours of light per day, and you’ll only get that inside with a grow light. There are several options of light type, including fluorescent, incandescent, high intensity discharge, and LED lights. They have their pros and cons, but LEDs are becoming more popular for several reasons: they emit no heat and can be tuned to produce light that simulates natural sunlight. They are also energy efficient.

With an LED grow light, you can grow plants you never imagined were possible indoors, even growing and harvesting vegetables or herbs throughout the winter. The GLO GRO Étagère floor lamp (which retails for $299.99) is a great example of an LED lamp for indoor gardening. It is a standing room lamp that goes with all types of home décor. It also includes an LED light with a hanging basket for your plant. It is adjustable as your plant grows and includes a drip tray to keep your indoor garden tidy.

Senior Editor at Gardening Know How, Nikki Tilley, is excited about giving the GLO GRO a try herself:

“Gardening outdoors is easy enough, but growing plants indoors is something I’ve always struggled with. Lighting is not the greatest in my home, especially during the off season when it seems light is most needed. Oftentimes, my poor houseplants succumb to winter blues because of this (if I’m not too busy killing them with kindness). Normally, I find myself successful at growing plants that don’t require as much light, which doesn’t give me a while lot of options”¦until now.

The GLO GRO floor lamp not only provides an opportunity to grow something other than the same old low-light plant but also the added bonus of having ambient light just where I can use it most – in my office. And I love the fact that I can change it up, growing different plants without any worry of them fitting as they grow since it will hold a plant up to 3 feet tall. So whether I choose to grow a more traditional houseplant of the tropical kind or even edible plants like herbs or veggies, it’s not a problem. They have plenty of room to grow and plenty of light too.”

Additional Indoor Growing Tips

Light is not the only issue you’ll face when growing plants inside, but it is an important one. Before you get started, here are some general tips for maximizing success and keeping your plants as happy as possible:

“¢ Keep the indoor temperature steady. Plants grown indoors will generally do best when the air temperature stays between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 24 Celsius).
“¢ Add moisture. Dryness in the air, especially in the winter, can be damaging to your skin and your plants. Use a humidifier or spritz your plants with water on a nearly daily basis, depending on the type of plant.
“¢ Use a high-quality potting soil. Don’t just dig a hole in your backyard for your indoor, potted plants. Get a high-quality potting soil that is loose, drains well, and is nutrient rich.
“¢ Choose plants with similar needs. Make your life easier and keep your plants healthier by choosing several that work well together and need similar amounts of light, moisture, and fertilizer.

As you can see, you don’t have to stop growing or enjoying plants for the winter as long as you invest in a good grow light, like GLO GRO, and follow a few simple guidelines.

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