Hand Tools Every Gardener Should Own

By Mary Ellen Ellis | March 22, 2018
Image by Garden Weasel
by Mary Ellen Ellis
March 22, 2018

The typical home gardener doesn’t need a lot of fancy power equipment. All we really need are some solid, well-made hand tools to till the ground, clean up weeds, dig holes, and cut and move plants. Working with your hands is so rewarding, but unless you’re running a farm, forget the big equipment; these are the hand tools you really need.


All in One – The Multi-Use Transplanter

If you have a small space or you just like to be efficient with your gardening tools, you can do most jobs with one multi-use transplanter tool. This simple hand tool is easy to use and can help you with cutting plants and the toughest roots, pulling out weeds, and tilling and breaking up dirt clumps.

This multi-use tool is perfect for putting in new transplants. You can use the tool to dig holes while also cultivating and aerating the soil. It comes with sharp edges so you can cut through roots, and it also has both centimeter and inch markings to make spacing and planting easier.


The Classic Hand Trowel

Every gardener needs some form of garden trowel. This little hand spade is what you use to dig holes and break up soil as you go. Look for a trowel that you can easily hold and that is strong and durable; it should last for more than a few seasons in the garden. Comfort grips make a trowel slip-proof and cushion the hand so you can work longer more comfortably.


Specialty Tools – Small Hand Tiller and Scoop Hand Tool

A large garden tiller is great for covering big spaces, but you should also have a smaller handheld tiller in your garden shed. This tool is useful for breaking up and

cultivating soil in small areas and tight spaces. It also makes removing weeds easier, especially in and around the plants in your bed.

Another great tool that makes gardening tasks easier is a scoop hand tool. This allows you to dig and scoop out plants, allowing for quick and easy transportation without making a mess. As with other garden tools, look for one that is tough but comfortable to hold.


Whether you need just that one tool that does a little bit of everything, or you several dedicated tools for each individual job, look for those that are tough and dependable and come with a warranty. You want your gardening tools to last many seasons, so construction and quality are important. Check out the new Multi-Use Transplanter and other high-quality gardening hand tools at the Garden Weasel

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    I think using a gardening tool is time-consuming. Tools help me make my garden look perfect. It saves energy and time both.

    Keep up the good posting, Mary.

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    Great article especially with pictures of the tools included. Now to find these tools is the problem

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