Have a Bite Free Summer: Enjoy Mosquito Free Lawns with Organic Mosquito Kits

By Bonnie Grant | July 15, 2017
by Bonnie Grant
July 15, 2017

Mosquitoes are vectors for numerous diseases. Plus, their bites create sensitive swollen, itchy sites that can get infected from too much scratching. With the warm weather, it is prime time for mosquitoes to lay eggs in areas of standing water. Even if you are hyper vigilant and ensure no neglected pools are on your property, you can’t be sure your neighbors haven’t got an ideal mosquito breeding ground in their yard. Mosquitoes don’t recognize fences and their ranging will take them into your garden and ruin your outdoor evening. Brown Bread Mozzie is the perfect way to deal with these dangerous pests. It is a natural product that has no toxicity or ill effects on you, your children, pets or wildlife.

The active ingredient in Brown Bread Mozzie is BTI, or Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, a naturally occurring bacteria found in soil. It is an EPA approved pesticide that kills mosquito larvae as well as those of blackfly and fungus gnats. The bacteria is widely sprayed aerially in high risk states over large waterways and areas of mosquito activity. It is completely safe to humans and animals and does not affect beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and honeybees. In home use, the product can be used in areas where human activity is taking place and the family does not need to leave during application.

Brown Bread Mozzie can be applied anywhere standing water is occurring on your property. It is in granular form and may be added to any area where water collects. However, it is always a good idea to monitor your landscape and remove any collecting water such as in flower pots, buckets, tires, ditches, and any other space that creates a natural container. In addition to the product and general water removal, keep screens on windows and doors, wear light colored clothing when outdoors and long sleeved garments.

The basic Brown Bread Mozzie kit is easy to use and effective. It includes 4 made in the USA buckets, a measuring scoop, and the active granules. There are enough granules to treat an acre of land for one year. When the granules are added to water, and while the mosquitoes may still lay their eggs in it, the treated water is toxic to the larvae and kills them. Using the product prevents successive generation mosquitoes, keeping these pests from procreating indefinitely, as long as you use the product.

To use the kit, you simply add one scoop of granules to the bucket and fill each half full of water. Strategically place the buckets around your property, keeping them apart from each other but no more than 300 feet in distance. It is a good idea to place them where the buckets won’t get tipped, stepped in or disturbed. Suggested areas are hanging on a fence post or tree, in basement window wells, on top of a wood pile or any area that the bucket is unlikely to get tipped or is unbalanced. If you have standing water on the property that you cannot remove for some reason, such as a pond, you can also add granules to that site. For maximum effectiveness, you should use the product monthly.

It is good to know you can protect your home and family from mosquitoes without using smelly, messy sprays that are not natural and may even pose some toxic risk. The developers of the kit are keen to share this safe and effective organic product. With a Brown Bread Mozzie kit, you can garden any time of day or night without fear of pesky mosquitoes eating you alive because there won’t be any in your yard. And since it’s natural, it’s compatible with organic gardening practices.

With just a simple scoop once per month, you can have mosquito control that lasts, posing no threat to the planet or the organisms with which we share it”¦except for the mosquitoes, of course. It couldn’t be any easier for your family to enjoy a bite free summer!

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