Healthy, Non-Toxic & Green Cookware Handmade in the USA

By Caroline Bloomfield | May 27, 2019
by Caroline Bloomfield
May 27, 2019

Conscientious “green” cooking? I’ve handled all the issues when it comes to food prep. I eat from the garden, cook fresh, local and non-processed foods. I use heat instead of microwaves and stay current about how my food is grown. But here’s something I didn’t know.

Even the finest cookware”¦

I woke up to this fact: even the best pots and pans (and often most expensive) leach toxins into my food. As a persnickety cook, I want my food to hit the table untainted. In short, I want healthy cookware. What I’ve learned is that most cookware emits some level of contaminants when it’s heated, regardless of all the qualities they sold you on when you ordered from the shopping channel or your posh local kitchen store. It’s one of those things that hit you by surprise. Your cookware is probably poisonous. But let’s talk about that a bit later.

Turmeric rice in MEC

Enter Mother Earth’s Kitchen

There’s a bright woman named Miriam who literally searched the planet to find a source of naturally clean clay for making healthy cookware. It would have to be totally free of toxins. No lead, no impurities – just nutrient-rich, perfect clay from the depths of Mother Earth – the kind of clay used by our earliest pot-making ancestors over the campfire. Miriam found what she was looking for. Her company, Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, creates a line of clay cooking vessels that may be the most pristine pots obtainable, anywhere. Anyone who takes special care with food prep should know there’s a way to cook that sustains the same level of wholesomeness you insist on when shopping, growing and sourcing your fresh food.

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is hand-crafted in the U.S. from non-toxic, unglazed, 100% pure clay. This clay is the only material that is 100% inert and non-reactive, and is rigorously tested for contaminants or impurities. Nothing harmful is leached into your food. It cooks with gentle heat so your food remains perfect and rich in nutritional value. Unlike metal and even some ceramic cookware, pure clay pots allow absolutely no radiation of toxins into your food. So now, let’s take a moment to evaluate our traditional cookware.

What lurks”¦

I’ll make this brief. Certainly not all of these chemical contaminants exist in every pot and pan, but most of them have one or more:

  • Aluminum is a known neurotoxin that affects more than 200 biologically important functions in the body. 
  • Overconsumption of copper has been linked to the development of ulcers and liver damage.
  • Cadmium is carcinogenic and lodges in the kidneys and liver.
  • Some ceramic, enamel and glass cookware contain lead, and I think we all know about that poison.
  • Often used in glazes and linings of pots and pans, including some stainless steel, excessive exposure to nickel is linked to dermatitis, lung and nasal cancers, as well as nausea and neurological problems.

Hopefully, no one uses Teflon pans any longer, but even the newer non-stick cookware can be risky if you’re using high heat. Miram’s “primary” clay, harvested from 20-25 feet below the surface of the earth contains absolutely zero toxins.

Here and Now

Miriam’s clay cookware, although an ancient idea, is thoughtfully designed for modern versatility. As a conscientious cook, you want to preserve your food’s vitamins and minerals, retain its nutritional value, flavor and moisture. This non-toxic cookware works on the stovetop or oven and uses less heat than your traditional pots and pans. Food flavors come out fresh and potent since no properties are lost in the cooking process.

Take your culinary competence to the next level using Miriam’s Clay Cookware – your choice for healthy cooking. It’s our next step in the green cookware revolution, and will open a new chapter of food experiences for your family.

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  • Minnie
    Comment added August 26, 2019Reply

    I love cooking in the clay pots my husband bought for us. At first I was skeptical ? but after cooking some kale, spinach and Swiss chard, I was SOLD!!! The pan was awesome ?. The greens turned out perfectly cooked and the green color stayed?. Just last night I made a quick soup that had some sweet potatoes... I was shocked at how much they retained the flavor. I used to always have to bake them but wow! Wow they were too yummy and mind you, they were in a veggie broth. I highly recommend clay pots to everyone and it's my new gospel lol.

  • Carmelo Santini
    Comment added August 26, 2019Reply

    Miriam's Earthen Cookware is a company I have been investigating personally and testing for the past two years. I have to say, not only have I been blown away with every test and evaluation but so has my wife and everyone else that has eaten the food or seen the product.

    In fact, I love them so much I went and became a fanboy and started a YouTube channel called Cooking With Clay that I now need to populate with content.

    I would be happy to speak with anybody with questions or concerns and share my experience. MEC has permission to put me on a three way call or email etc because I truly want others to experience the benefits and joy of this type of cooking.

    I am unaffiliated, unpaid, all that stuff. I pay for my clay and I don't receive any financial compensation ever. I'm doing it because they're a great small business with a great product and I support it.

    About the clay: I have a X Large pot, Medium Pot, and Large Pan. I recently went on a month long road trip with JUST a medium pot and it was a trooper. We've been using it so much it has become hyper efficient at cooking. It is a whole new style of cooking to adapt to, but it is such a joy to master and the process is fun. You've never seen greens cook and still come out as green as they do in a clay pot! Far infrared heat is amazing. Wooden spoon, clay pot, warm flame... ahhhh the bare necessities and the best foods.

    -Thanks so much for providing something so hard to find and such a high quality product , Much love from Texas - Carmelo

    I would urge anyone looking for the ultimate in cookware or just some cookware with natural mojo and flair to look into the health benefits of cooking this way. Take a year or two of slowly adapting to these so your learning curve doesn't get the best of you. Two years later we are doing 95%+ of our cooking in MEC.

    A little background... my wife and I consume whole food plant based diet and are unable to eat in restaurants. We do all of our meals at home and pretty much all of that in MEC. It pulls toxins out of non organics and is gentler on the nutrients in the organics. It is really great for flavor, and it keeps everything you need in the food as intact as possible. The membrane breaths and there is more wonder in a clay pot than I can possibly type out here.

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