Holiday Gardening Shopping List – Exciting Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers

By Gardening Know How | December 12, 2019
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by Gardening Know How
December 12, 2019

The holidays are here and, if you’re in need of some exciting gift ideas for plant lovers on your gardening shopping list, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked around and found some super neat gifts to get excited about this year.


Dewplanter – A revolution for houseplant lovers, this exciting holiday gift is one your grandmother could only dream about. Of course, it’s new age and high-tech, but nurturing houseplants is an age-old delight that no longer has to be a chore to be remembered every day. A planter that generates its own water from the moisture in the air may not have been on your gardening shopping list. You probably didn’t know this exists, but the folks at Dewplanter are offering an awesome invention that will take care of your houseplants for you.

Everyone knows the environmental benefits of growing healthy plants that purify your indoor air. Greenery in the interior of a home is essential for health and comfort. The Dewplanter provides your houseplant with just the right amount of clean, filtered water every day by condensing moisture in the air. No worries. Your plants will thrive and flourish with a regular supply of water whether you’re home or not.

The most exciting part? The Dewplanter’s non-profit organization promises to plant a tree somewhere on the planet where it’s needed, every time someone buys a Dewplanter. In their way, this company contributes to sustainable clean air, habitats for biodiversity, and even jobs for local planters. How many of your gift ideas for plant lovers can you say that about?

Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gardening Gloves

Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gardening Gloves – Another great find on our gifts to get excited about includes the unique and unmatchable Tough Touch Gardening Gloves. The Gold Leaf range are the ONLY gardening gloves endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society and are now widely recognized as “The World’s Finest!” Encompassing unique and innovative designs in association with exceptionally high-quality deerskin leather, which is both comfortable, dexterous and durable, these superior hard-wearing gardening gloves are now used by a loyal legion of keen and serious gardeners alike – a joy to wear and the perfect gift for any gardener.

For further information on the luxurious Tough Touch gauntlet seen here, or alternative styles in the Gold Leaf range, visit

Gold Leaf Deerskin Leather Gardening Gloves

Gold Leaf Deerskin Leather Gardening Gloves – Exciting holiday gifts like the gloves previously mentioned doesn’t stop here. Why not also check out these Deerskin Leather Gardening Gloves, also from makers of the World renowned Gold Leaf Glove range and endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society. ‘The RHS Collection’ comprises three styles of high-quality deerskin leather gloves for ladies, with each design taking its name from a world famous flower show – perfect as a gift, or for your own use in the garden!

With the added benefit of ergonomically designed padding for extra comfort and featuring stunning images of symbolic flowers that convey a special sentiment of either Remembrance (CHELSEA-Poppy), Friendship (HAMPTON-Yellow Rose) or Hope and Wisdom (MALVERN-Iris), this unique range truly offers “gloves with feeling,” especially thoughtful when given as a gift.

Franklin Robotics Tertillâ„¢ Weeding Robot

Franklin Robotics Tertillâ„¢ Weeding Robot – If you’re looking for more exciting gift ideas for your gardening shopping list, then the Tertillâ„¢ Weeding Robot is definitely something to consider adding. This solar powered robot is rugged enough to stay in the garden all season long, smart enough to distinguish between a weed and a plant, and efficient enough to run using only the power of the sun. Now how cool is that?

Weeds are the bane of nearly every gardener, but the folks at Franklin Robotics want to help take care of that with their mantra: “Simple robots can help solve big, complex problems.” Weeding is just one of those, helping gardeners by reducing the tedious, physical challenge of pulling weeds and making gardening more fun. No more herbicides or other chemical treatments needed. Tertill is both weatherproof and self-charging, and will gladly remain out in the garden taking care of the weeding so you, or your gift recipient, won’t have to.

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