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HotZot Organic Weed Control in the Landscape

By Amy Grant | July 18, 2017
Image by Hotzot

HotZot Organic Weed Control in the Landscape

by Amy Grant July 18, 2017

HotZot Organic Weed Control in the Landscape

By Amy Grant | July 18, 2017

Like the rest of many fellow gardeners, I am tired of crawling around on my hands and knees pulling up weeds. While the temptation is great to fall back on toxic herbicides, I do my best to garden minimally and organically. Still, those pesky weeds irk me and there I am again slithering around, contorting my body and bruising my knees excavating those dandelions and such from between cracks and crevasses.

Sure, there are plenty of recipes for making your own organic weed killer, and I bet I’ve tried most of them. Face it, they don’t work, or at the very least, they kill the foliage and leave the roots untouched only to pop up again a day or two later. Desperate, I called on the family historian – Dad. He says my grandmother, a Scottish immigrant with a penchant for tea, killed weeds by dumping boiling water leftover from her ‘cuppa.’ Truth is, that’s great if you only have a few weeds, but my weeds know no boundary and they tend to be everywhere, which is rather inconvenient to keep boiling water hot enough for such a large area.

Along the lines of boiling the weeds to death is burning them. I’m an amateur pyromaniac within reason. Okay, I like to light candles and I build a mean fire, but beyond that I have a healthy fear of fire. Plus, I’m a bit of a klutz and one wrong move on my part and I’ve got an approximation of the great San Francisco fire of 1906. So I was looking for another solution and came across HotZot, an organic weed control that uses a jet of scalding 200 F. (93 C.) water, which can be mixed with citric acid to kill weeds. The beauty here is that all leaves do not need to be sprayed, just the crown, and HotZot can be used in gardens and lawns to kill weeds that are adjacent to other plants with no damage done to them!

HotZot can kill up to 300 weeds per hour just by pushing a button and is as effective on small and medium sized weeds as Roundup (85% effective). The HotZot has no harmful chemicals, so drifting and over spray are never a problem and leaves your yard safe for butterflies and bees. It’s also safe to use while the kids are running around playing with the dog or on the produce you take to your table. Plus, the HotZot can be used regardless of weather conditions unlike homemade organic weed killer or toxic herbicides, which must be applied during dry weather.

Not only is HotZot effective on weeds growing amongst lawns and gardens, it tackles the truly awful weeding task of hardscape areas, such as between concrete slabs or cracks in pavement. Try to hand weed in these areas and you’re destined for failure. You can never really get at the roots, but with HotZot’s powerful hot water jet, the roots are severely damaged and, in most cases, kills the weeds with the first treatment. If a second treatment is necessary, the weed doesn’t stand a chance.

In addition to safety, I don’t have to put on hazard gear to use it…nor do I have to have a fire extinguisher at the ready. There is no CO2 released with HotZot and no damaging toxins are left behind in the yard or on my fruits and vegetables. I think I’ve finally found my solution to ridding the lawn and garden of those dreadful weeds. Goodbye sore back and aching knees!

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