How a Retaining Wall Benefits Your Garden

By Aaron Lagunilla | July 25, 2018
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by Aaron Lagunilla
July 25, 2018

How a Retaining Wall Benefits Your Garden

You want your garden to grow lush and healthy. The key to that is to ensure that your plants have plenty of moisture, as well as deep, rich soil. Unfortunately, erosion can take a massive toll on your garden, removing the very soil and nutrients your plants need to thrive. The good news is that a retaining wall can help.

What Is a Retaining Wall?

The name really says it all. A retaining wall is nothing more than a wall built to retain soil, usually on a slope. It forms a barrier to erosion, ensuring that dirt and topsoil are not able to wash away with the rain.

How Can It Benefit Your Garden?

So, how does a retaining wall benefit your garden? Actually, there are several ways, although not all of them may be obvious.

Protection for Top Soil and Nutrients: You spend a lot of time and money ensuring that your soil is conditioned properly for your plants. A sudden rainstorm can undo all that hard work. Retaining walls prevent that from happening by blocking the outflow of soil and nutrients with rain water. Really, they work similar to a dam in preventing the flow of material.

Beauty for Your Garden: Another way that retaining walls benefit your garden is by adding visual interest, and even beauty. They don’t have to be utilitarian. The right building products can transform what might otherwise be a simple necessity into a key feature of your garden. You’ll find a host of products out there, including limestone blocks that add a timeless appeal to your garden area, and can be used to tie into other aesthetic elements, including walking paths, the foundation of your home, and more.


Reduces Maintenance: While preventing soil from eroding in the first place ensures that your plants have the right environment for growth, it also saves you backbreaking labor and maintenance work. After all, if the soil stays in one place, you don’t have to worry about digging, shoveling, re-applying fertilizer and the like.

As you can see, there are many benefits to adding a retaining wall to your garden. For more information, contact your local gardening or Masonry Company.

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