How An Electric Powered Wheelbarrow Is Better Than A Regular One

By Nikki Tilley | April 18, 2016
Image by Overland Carts
by Nikki Tilley
April 18, 2016

(Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden)

Okay, let’s face it”¦we’re not getting any younger, making what was once a simple garden or landscaping task much more difficult – at least that’s been my experience. I’m a gardener and, like many others, I enjoy my time outdoors playing in the dirt, creating new beds, etc. In doing this, one must remove debris, add mulch or even transport items such as edging stones and the like. And that’s where the handy-dandy wheelbarrow comes in, right? Wrong!

Yes, having and using a wheelbarrow might be great when you’re 20, but what about those of us that have long surpassed that number and suffer from aches and pains these youngsters have yet to even imagine. Not only are you quickly reminded that your back and other muscles can no longer do the same things as before while weeding or planting, but the weight and strain of a loaded down wheelbarrow can be a nightmare.

It’s estimated that around 80 percent of the adult population will at one time or another experience back-related issues, be it from an illness, injury, age, etc. I’m one of those people. I’m also only 4’11″ and live on a sloped landscape. Now imagine my little frame trying to lift and push a mulch-filled wheelbarrow up and down that hill. Not happening, folks!

This is where Overland powered carts and powered wheelbarrows can make all the difference. They’re specifically designed to make handling large projects like this easier. And without the back strain. There’s no lifting. There’s no straining to lug anything up hills (or anywhere). With the simple pull of a button and twist of the throttle, this incredible motorized wheelbarrow does it for you. The electric motor runs off of a rechargeable battery pack, which is great because it’s environmentally friendly. With only a 6-8 hour battery life, I’d get worn out before the cart!

It’s easy for pretty much anyone to handle, including shorties like me. Flat surfaces, bumpy surfaces, grassy surfaces and inclines, the four wheel design of Overland powered carts and wheelbarrows provides improved stability for handling large loads (and up to 750 pounds) in a variety of conditions – simply put, it will quickly become your best friend in the garden or landscape. And it will remain your friend for a long time, since every Overland wheelbarrow is hand assembled in the USA and is built to last.

If that’s not enough to capture your intrigue, how about the fact that the cart also has an easy-to-dump quick release, making it nearly effortless to get the load lifted, and gravity basically does the rest. Oh, and did I mention that it has a safety AutoLock feature that helps lock it in place? This is especially encouraging to me, as I’m always worried about something rolling down the hill – which brings up another great feature of the Overland motorized wheelbarrow; the HillSense feature controls the cart speed on inclines and declines. Yay! No more wheelbarrows getting away from me going 90 miles an hour down the hill (okay, maybe not that fast). I’m sold!

So there you have it, just a few reasons on how an electric powered wheelbarrow is better than a regular one and just how wonderful (and useful) a tool it can be in the garden – for anyone, especially old fogies like me. No strain, no pain but plenty to gain!

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