How the Right Shrubbery Can Enhance Your Privacy

By Bryan Stoddard | October 2, 2018
by Bryan Stoddard
October 2, 2018

Your home is the private sanctuary where you relax, spend quality time with family, and entertain your guests among other things. It should also provide you with the highest level of privacy. One such way of gaining a little more privacy is via the garden, namely, with the right type of shrubs. There is an old saying that “fences making good neighbors,” but surrounding your home cold and sterile fences may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Shrubbery to the rescue! It not only keeps prying eyes out but improves the beauty, landscape, and resale value of your home as well.

Benefits of Privacy Trees and Shrubs

Well-maintained fence shrubs and trees have many benefits for your home and personal privacy. They help to draw natural yard boundaries, create a more relaxing atmosphere in your backyard, and enhance the natural beauty of your property., your home and garden experts, have provided some excellent reasons as to why a homeowner/gardener such as yourself may prefer to plant shrubs and trees around their home:

  • The straight-lined shrubs draw a natural boundary around your property.
  • They look better than cold concrete or timber fences.
  • They create a perfect all-natural privacy screen.
  • They provide protection from high winds.
  • Privacy trees and shrubs reduce the snow buildup in your yard.
  • They improve the architectural style of your home’s landscaping.
  • They even provide a natural sound barrier.

Top 5 Plants for Home Privacy

The most important thing to consider when choosing the best shrub fence plants for your home is the type of plants that thrive well in your area. Plants that are native to your region will not only grow faster and stronger but will also withstand the elements better than non-native plants. You can always turn to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to check which plants grow well in your region.

Having said that, let’s look at the top 5 plants for home privacy:

1.      Mugo Pine

Mugo pine, also known as Mops, provides an all year evergreen structure that’s perfect for a small garden or just to enhance your privacy. Mops can grow about a yard high and is an easy shrub to maintain. The plant stays dense and compact without constant shearing. It also thrives well in chilly climates.

2.      Boxwood

Boxwood shrub is also commonly used in most homes. This is mainly because boxwood is evergreen and can be sheared regularly without losing height and width. It grows and thrives well without the need for too much sun. Furthermore, you can bring your creatively flare to the garden as the boxwood can easily be clipped into different shapes and styles. The boxwood will give your yard perimeter a pleasant, well-organized shape.

3.      Juniper

Juniper shrubs are another evergreen plant that grows tall and narrow to provide you with a perfect privacy screen. Juniper shrubbery can grow to a height of 15 feet and 4 feet wide. The best thing about these shrubs is that they’re extremely drought tolerant and difficult for local animals and pests to destroy. Keep in mind, however, they will require plenty of sunshine in order to avoid loose and patchy growth.

4.      Red Twig Dogwood

This is a great privacy hedge option for those living in wintry areas. This is because when its leaves drop off in winter, you are still left with a warm and cozy bright red hedge. Our advice would be to plant the red twig dogwood shrubs close together in order to create a striking hedge rising up to 8 feet. When in full bloom, some varieties have variegated leaves and small beautiful white flowers. If you’re looking for a good option to add a touch of color and brightness to your winter landscaping, red twig dogwood shrubs are a great choice.

5.      Camellia

Camellia is an evergreen family of plants that can grow up to 10 feet high. They produce beautiful vibrant blossoms in a variety of pinks throughout summer and fall. Camellia shrubs thrive well in shade or sun, and can add life to an otherwise dull looking hedge.


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