How To Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

By Hayley Robinson | January 26, 2018
by Hayley Robinson
January 26, 2018

Wildlife plays a vital part in the success of our gardens, and often we don’t take enough time to pay appreciation for the wonderful work that the bugs, bees and birds do all year around. There are a plethora of benefits of attracting wildlife to your garden, from aiding your gardening efforts to allowing you to experience the incredible displays of these incredible creatures right in your back garden! By making a few small changes and introducing some home comforts to your garden, you can encourage a range of creatures to explore your beautiful outdoor space. Here are just a few ideas that you can embrace this year:


Flowers naturally attract a range of wildlife due to their vibrant colours, beautiful aesthetic and distinctive scents; this makes them a fantastic addition to your garden. Your flowers can be planted in individual pots, or in a flowerbed, depending on the space available in your garden; just remember, variety is key. The best flora for wildlife are those with pollen, nectar to allow the bees to pollinate, or any plants that offer seeds, fruits or other food sources.

A Wildflower Garden

Wildflower gardens were brought into the limelight of garden trends in 2017 and it continues to rise in popularity in 2018! Wildflower gardens are very low maintenance, yet offer a stunning addition to your garden. If you don’t want to let your entire garden grow free, it is simple enough to section off a small area of your garden for your very own mini wildflower meadow! To prepare the area you’ll need to get rid of any grass and weeds, then pick up a pack of wildflower seeds and wait for the magic to happen! The variety offered by these seed mixes encourages a wide variety of insect to take refuge, including grasshoppers, butterflies and bees.


Climbing plants can add depth and detail to your garden, as well as offering a shelter and food source for small creatures such as birds and insects. Opt for plants such as ivy, clematis and roses for year-round coverage. These can be planted alongside fences, or, with the use of a trellis you can create a beautiful feature elsewhere in the garden – why not plant the climbers around the edge of your wildflower garden?

Bird Boxes & Feeders

A classic addition to your garden is a bird box or bird feeder; go for natural materials where possible if you’re buying a feeder, or why not make your own? Keep an eye on the feeders to ensure they stay filled and try out a variety of seed mixes throughout the year! Food is often scarce during the autumn and winter, so this is the prime time for you to give the birds a helping hand.

Pond/Water Bath

Water is one of the most important aspects of the survival of our wildlife, particularly when the weather is on the warmer side. Fountains and ponds are fantastic features for the garden, and if your pond is also home to some reeds, lily pads and other water plants you’ll be creating an eco-system of your own. However, if you simply do not have the space, there are a variety of small bird baths available to buy or to DIY!

Although the weather is still a little on the cold and wet side, this is the perfect time of year to begin your garden preparations to ensure that everything is ready to bloom in the spring and summer seasons! Wrap up in some high-quality country clothing and you’ll be ready to get back to tending your garden with love!

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