How to Create Rainbow Roses

By Phoebe Damien | March 28, 2017
by Phoebe Damien
March 28, 2017

Rainbow roses are just the common roses that have been artificially colored. These flowers are usually bright with various colors, hence the use of the term ‘rainbow’. This is not done by painting them on the outside using the color that is applied onto the petals. The method that is used to give the roses the color is done by taking advantage of how the flower naturally draws up water through the stem to the petals as this is the way the petals get their nourishment. This is something that is said to have been first done by some flower companies in Europe some years after the turn of the millennium, and there are even those who have gone as far as patenting the process.

If you are looking to grow yourself some rainbow roses, first of all, you would need to get yourself some white roses, as the roses of other colors would make it quite difficult for you to get the bright rainbow colors that you would want. The number you would want will solely depend on you, but all of them would have to be prepared one at a time. There is no automation in this process.

The next thing that you would need to do is to split the stem of the flower using some scissors. The number if splits would depend on the number of colors that you would want your rainbow roses to have. Be quite careful as you do this, as the stems are quite delicate, and you would not want to damage them. You would need to prepare the different colors that you would want to use into some small containers. Food color would work great with this and you need not be too economical with regard to how much color you would like to put into the container unless you would like the colors to turn out light or pale. Most people would recommend using neon colors as these would be really bright, and they would give your flowers a true rainbow effect and really make them deserve the name ‘rainbow roses.’

One of the really tricky parts of this process would be how to set up the containers in which you would put the colors for the roses that would be absorbed by the stems. Using smaller containers would be advisable, and you would need quite a number of them, as each flower would need its own set of containers so that the colors of the rainbow roses would be absorbed into them. You would then need to wait for some days for the roses to be ready, but the period that you are supposed to wait would depend on the type that you would have used, and how far or close they are from blooming. When they are in the right color, you can place them in a vase and enjoy their really odd but beautiful appearance.

You also have the option of getting rainbow roses in a wider range of colors by getting dyed flowers. Florists often have dyed flowers available and you can take a look at that variety as well so that you have all the seven colors of a rainbow. For those of you who didn’t know, rainbow roses are actual roses. These do grow but they are extremely rare. These have tea pink petals and they are covered with stripes in a dark shade of pink. These are not very common and most of us have never heard or seen these flowers before. They are amazing for any event you want to use them at. They give your event a unique look and make your event look somewhat perfect. They are delicate, beautiful, exquisite and feminine. They are also sometimes known as ever-blooming because they are blooming quite frequently. These grow where they can receive a lot of sunshine. These are very tolerant towards heat unlike most of the rosettes. Therefore, you will never be able to find these going in colder places.

These particular roses come under the tea rose category and they are very fragile just like the actual tea roses are. The stems are delicate and need to be handled with a lot of care. They need protection from strong bursts of wind because their delicate stems may not be able to withstand the force of a strong gush of wind. If you want the actual rainbow roses for your event, you will need to start looking for them well in advance. Once you find a florist who is able to sell them to you, you will need to book your order in advance as well. They will cost you a lot more than the normal rosettes you find and the cost is actually justified because of their rare nature. They wither very quickly so they need to be used as decoration on the day they are received. The cost and extra effort put into handling these rare delicate rosettes pay off in the end because they are great at making your event look different.

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