How to Enjoy Flowers Year Around with BloomsyBox

By Bonnie Grant | August 17, 2017
Image by Heather Rhoades
by Bonnie Grant
August 17, 2017

There is something so uplifting and cheering about fresh flowers in the home. Whether you are celebrating a big event or just want to send someone a “hello,” a fresh bouquet will send just the right note. BloomsyBox is the perfect service for those that want to really impact a loved one on a monthly basis or just treat yourself! Once the current month’s blooms are spent, the receiver can count on another bountiful bouquet the following month. Their flowers are direct from fair trade, sustainable farms and costs even include shipping.

Imagine you or someone you appreciate coming into the home or office to a surprise delivery of fresh, beautiful flowers from around the world. Now imagine that the same experience is repeated every month throughout the year. For a reasonable fee, you can have amazing bouquets shipped around the world to say thank you, I love you, congratulations or simply, how are you? Numerous flower clubs exist but their selections are pedestrian, short lived and lack panache. BloomsyBox flowers are elegantly arranged, carefully crafted and made from premium flowers, many of which come from locations like Thailand, Holland, South America and California.

Bloomsy box has a purist approach to floral arranging. Each bouquet is comprised of a single variety of flower. If you want tulips, for example, the entire bouquet will be solely premium quality tulips, without any filler plants. Other florists use a variety of greens or baby’s breath to fluff up skimpy bouquets that contain only a few of the core flowers. BloomsyBox doesn’t skimp on the main ingredient, which are of such astounding quality and freshness, they don’t need anything to accompany them.

Flower of the month clubs are all different, but with BloomsyBox flowers, you can subscribe once and the subscription automatically renews each month. That way you don’t have to worry about remembering to send that monthly gift, or to order your personal delivery of fresh flowers.  There are several different plans from which to choose, and there is even a weekly delivery option for more frequent fresh, seasonal blooms right to your door. They also offer several different sizes, from small to medium and then large. The smaller bouquet is still a whopping 12 to 18 stems, while the largest bouquets are 20 to 40 stems depending upon variety.

Your BloomsyBox subscription can be suspended if you are on vacation or the home is under construction. You can change plans at any time or completely suspend the plan if you wish, and there is also an unconditional guarantee as well – the company guarantees that you will love your flowers or your money back. As an added bonus, if you sign up for their newsletter, you will be entered to win contests and giveaways.

BloomsyBox flowers makes gift giving (or simply treating yourself) easy. Fresh, freely sourced blooms that arrive straight to your door are a delight. Knowing you can trust the company from which they come and that all their flowers are sustainably grown is reassuring too. Today’s world is hectic, fast paced and chaotic. It’s nice to know that you can reliably come home to responsibly grown, fresh blooms on a weekly or monthly basis all year. BloomsyBox can fit almost any budget and the delight the scheduled bouquets bring to you or a loved one is priceless.

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