How to Grow 90 Fruits and Veggies Indoors with the OGarden Smart

By Mary Ellen Ellis | February 25, 2019
Image by OGarden Smart
by Mary Ellen Ellis
February 25, 2019

What if you could grow all your favorite vegetables in your home in a small space? You would know exactly where your produce came from and that it contained no pesticides or GMO products. You would save money and use much less space and resources than an outdoor veggie patch. All of this can be a reality with the OGarden Smart, a revolutionary indoor gardening system. Here’s what it can do for you and how you can get one.

How Does This Indoor Garden Work?

The OGarden Smart is an improvement on a previous model, the OGarden, which allows you to grow up to 90 fruits and veggies at one time, indoors and year round. The process of using the growing system requires just three simple steps:

  • Place the prepared seed cups – these come ready to go with the system – in the nursery cupboard.
  • Once the cups have sprouted into small seedlings, move them up to the wheel.
  • When the plants are large enough, harvest and enjoy.

The cupboard in the OGarden Smart system provides light and warmth to sprout seeds, while the wheel gives the growing plants adequate light and water. This is all done automatically so that all you need to do is move the plants and add water once per week.

Benefits of Growing with OGarden Smart

Gardening hobbyists already know many of the benefits of a vegetable garden, but with a great indoor system, there are even more:

  • Growing indoors with a system that does all the work for you is much easier and less time-consuming than a traditional garden.
  • Know that your produce is organic, and take control of what you and your family eats – bringing more autonomy to individuals.
  • Save money by growing your own vegetables and avoiding the high cost of organic produce at the store.
  • The three-step system allows you to grow vegetables continuously. Once you get it started, you will have a regular harvest all year.
  • Be able to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, even in limited space. The system is small and weighs just 100 pounds when full of plants.
  • Help protect the environment with sustainable, local growth. There is no waste here, and even the spent seed cups can be composted.

Get Your Indoor Garden Now for Less – Time is Limited

So how can you get your hands on one of these indoor gardening systems? Just join the Kickstarter campaign. An initial pledge to the campaign reserves an OGarden Smart for your home. You’ll pay the balance later.

The campaign runs online through March 15, and the systems are set to be delivered in May. The price you’ll pay by being a part of the initial campaign is a substantial discount compared to what consumers will pay for the system once it’s on the market. Get your OGarden Smart early and for less.

Vegetable gardening has never been this easy before, so if you want to have control over where your food comes from and what your family eats, but don’t have garden space or skills, OGarden Smart is a must, and a great way to improve your health and quality of life.

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