How to Grow a Salad Garden

By Shelley Pierce | February 19, 2018
Image by Dollar Seed
by Shelley Pierce
February 19, 2018

Fresh veggies that you have grown are a healthy, natural treat and one that you can be sure is free of inorganic elements that can harm you and the environment. Dollar Seed provides seeds and easy to use kits to plant and grow. The company offers numerous varieties of non-GMO, organic and heirloom seeds with a reputation and commitment that is unmatched by many other seed purveyors.

Summer is the perfect time to create a menu that revolves around the garden patch. Some of the highlights of the season are the crisp, fresh produce that comes from garden to table in a flash. The flavors of homegrown veggies are unmatched and grocery store offerings can’t hold a candle to food you have produced yourself in conditions that you control. A beautiful, colorful and healthy salad straight from the garden patch makes the ideal main course or side dish to set off any recipe.

Selecting the varieties of produce that grow well, have few pest or disease issues, provide maximum flavor and color, and are certified safe is a time-consuming process for most of us. Fortunately, Dollar Seed has done it for us with their healthy and fun salad garden kit. The kit has a hand selected bouquet of the best varieties available with special features like slow bolt arugula and coreless Nantes carrots. It offers a gourmet blend of lettuce to pair with arugula and spinach as the base, along with a beautiful mélange of carrots, cucumber, corn, radish, onions, sweet peppers and radishes. Top it all off with Small Red cherry tomatoes and a homemade dressing of your choice and you have a complete meal in a bowl that sings with summer flavors.

There are over 1,300 seeds in the kit, which means you can get a second or even third crop off the faster growing varieties like radish and spinach. Dollar Seed usually ships all orders within 24 hours too, so you can get your seeds quickly and get growing. The prices can’t be beat because the company buys in bulk and then reduces the seed to smaller individual, zip locked packages that can be stored or shared readily. Most of their seed retains viability for 3 to 5 years when stored in a cool, dark location. Shipping is never higher than $5.00 USD, even if you go crazy and buy tons of seeds.

Companies that are committed not only to sustainable, safe products but also have a community and social conscience are rare. Dollar Seed is one that has both and provides unparalleled customer service. That salad fresh from the garden has never been easier or less expensive than with Dollar Seed’s salad kit, and you can feel good about supporting a company with a business model that gives back.


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