How to Store Your Garden Harvest

By Mary Ellen Ellis | March 18, 2018
by Mary Ellen Ellis
March 18, 2018

A vegetable garden is only as good as your ability to enjoy the harvest. Producing a lot of extra vegetables that you can’t eat right away is great, but only if you have a good solution for storage. If you need a more practical, easier, and affordable solution to storing your overflow harvest this year, consider True Liberty Bags.


Challenges of Storing Fresh Vegetables

Storing your vegetable overflow can be a real challenge. You put a lot of time and effort into your garden and you want to enjoy the produce, but there is only so much lettuce or zucchini you can eat in one day. You can freeze your extra, keep it in bags, can and preserve them, but these all have downsides. Paper bags won’t keep your produce fresh for long, and most plastic bags are not very durable. Canning takes a lot of time and changes the flavor. Freezing is a simple and long-term solution, but you need the right storage receptacle.


Sturdy Bags for Vegetable Storage

What you need is a heavy duty, safe bag that will keep your produce safe for longer periods. Most plastic bags are not very sturdy, will not keep your produce dry or fresh for very long, and can’t be used with good results in the freezer. But there is a high-quality bag you can use for a lot of purposes around the house and kitchen, and that might just be perfect for storing your extra harvest.

True Liberty Bags are unique in that they are sturdy, heavy-duty bags made from nylon. They are FDA-approved and free of BPA. They protect and keep produce fresh longer than typical plastic bags, up to two weeks longer, even delicate things like herbs. You can even use them to store your veggies in the freezer for longer periods of time, and you can cook vegetables right in the bag. Just drop it into boiling water or even a crock pot. The bags are resistant to heat and cold.

TIP: When storing produce in the refrigerator, it often helps to insert a paper towel to collect potential condensation, especially for herbs and lettuces. When using in the freezer, it helps to remove as much air from the bag as possible. Also, be sure to close the bag properly by twisting the end and using the included bag tie, or the bag can be tied closed just like tying a balloon.

If you don’t have a good solution or a way to store your vegetables that you’re satisfied with, give these bags a try. The company that makes them in the U.S. guarantees that customers will love True Liberty Bags, so if you don’t, you can get your money back. These bags come in a range of sizes and are useful for much more than storing vegetables. Give it a try this season at no risk.

Gardening Know How’s senior editor recently tried them out and here’s what she had to say:

I like how their Flock O’Bags Multi-Pack comes in numerous sizes so there’s no need in having to buy separate boxes if you’re in need of more than one size – like one small bag and a larger size. While it’s not exactly harvest time just yet in my area, I still tend to grow lots of leafy greens in pots and pick these almost daily. And, yes, sometimes I struggle with what to do with all of it storage wise. A person can only eat so much salad. I put one of the smaller bags to use just for this purpose, and I love the fact that it’s BPA free. No worrying about harmful chemicals getting into my edibles. I will definitely be using them for my garden harvest this season. And since they’re both freezer safe and hold up to heat, I look forward to cooking up some veggies right in the bag too.

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