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How to Use Garden Flags for Seasonal Interest

By Mary Ellen Ellis | July 22, 2017
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How to Use Garden Flags for Seasonal Interest

by Mary Ellen Ellis July 22, 2017

How to Use Garden Flags for Seasonal Interest

By Mary Ellen Ellis | July 22, 2017

Garden flags are those colorful, fun, often seasonal flags that you see in yards, on houses, and in gardens. Some people hang them from the house near the front door, and others place them right in the garden on short flagpoles. There are so many options for types of flags, locations, how many you use, and the tone you set with them. Here are some ideas for using flags to keep your garden exciting and always changing with the seasons.

Why Use Flags?

Plants are at the center of our gardens. We wouldn’t have gardens without them, but what every good gardener knows is that the best spaces include accent pieces: a bench, a bird bath, a pop of color and a friendly message. Garden flags add a contrast to plants and other elements in the garden, but they also give you the chance to send a message and set a tone for your garden space, whether that means making it more welcoming to visitors, showing off your love of animals, or shifting your garden from season to season.

Your garden changes by the season, so why not your flag? One of the most popular ways to use garden flags is by the season: a snowy design for winter, rain showers and ducklings for spring, flowers and sunshine for summer, and autumnal colors for fall. The changing seasons bring variations to the way the garden looks, and you can change out your garden flag to match those transitions.

If you love the holidays as much as the changing seasons, you can also purchase flags to go with them. Put up a fireworks-decorated flag for the Fourth of July, wish your neighbors a Merry Christmas in December, add Easter eggs in the spring and, of course, don’t forget Halloween and Valentine’s Day. You can even find flags to celebrate going back to school in the fall.

You don’t have to be limited to seasons and holidays when decorating with garden flags. You can also use them to express your own personality or the tone you want to set for your garden space. For example, a flag with an inspirational quote sets the tone for a meditative space. Use a flag with dogs or cats to show that you love animals and that they are welcome in your garden. A character flag, like Snoopy or Hello Kitty, makes your garden a kid-friendly space.

Decorating with seasonal and other types of flags in the garden is above all fun. Enjoy changing out designs and make sure your other garden decorations match and change with the seasons too. The overall effect will be a fun space that has the feel and the welcoming spirit you want for your garden. The easiest way to get a variety of garden flags is to check out online retailers like, which has something for everyone and for every time of year.

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    Francisca Farnandez
    Comment added July 23, 2017Reply

    Garden flags are all about your fancy about gardening. when the garden is large enough one should use garden flags to identify the genre of plants.

    Nice post thanks!

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