Improving Soil Health for Optimal Plant Growth

By Nikki Tilley | April 25, 2017
by Nikki Tilley
April 25, 2017

Most gardeners know that with each new season comes another year of unknowns. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been gardening or how well you care for your plants, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans, as do things like pests and disease. That said, we also know that in order to give our plants the best chance to succeed and thrive, the soil needs to be as healthy as possible. Of course, this too does not always go as planned.

Maybe you’ve moved to a new home and the soil there hasn’t been worked in a while. Perhaps, like me, you’re putting in a new bed and find the soil could use some refreshing. Or maybe your soil simply isn’t up to par – drainage is poor, it’s compacted, etc. Whatever the case, good soil is the basis for healthy, happy plants. Adding organic matter is one of the best things you can do for your soil, and while compost is one option for this, Wayside Gardens provides another with their Good Dirt Soil Conditioner.

This soil conditioner consists of four essential ingredients for creating a flourishing plant medium:

  • BogBitsâ„¢ – by-product of peat moss harvesting that helps improve soil porosity and essentially makes it easier for plant roots to “breathe.”
  • Plant food – plants require food, and an essential balance of nutrients ultimately help keep them vigorous and healthy.
  • Probiotics – healthy, living soil requires the aid of beneficial microorganisms, which also help with stimulating root development.
  • Peat moss – popular for its natural ability to help soil with water absorption, this peat moss comes from responsibly managed Canadian peatlands.

Adding soil conditioner to your existing soil is an excellent way to improve its overall structure, creating a growing medium that provides an optimal environment for plants. So even if your soil hasn’t been worked in some time, needs refreshing or simply isn’t up to par, you can easily remedy all of these issues, especially with drainage and aeration, by mixing in BogBitsâ„¢ organic peat moss. Just open the bag, fluff it up with your hands and dig right in! Also, for the best results, follow the directions on the bag to determine how much and how often to fertilize your soil.

You may not be able to control Mother Nature or fend off every pest and disease, but you’ll certainly be laying a healthy foundation for your plants, which is over half the battle. Healthy soil is vital to giving them the tools necessary in order to thrive.

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