Is This Seat Taken: Gardening Tips and Tricks for Seasonal Changes

By Teo Spengler | October 11, 2018
by Teo Spengler
October 11, 2018

You expect your garden plants to surf the passing seasons, riding out summer sun, autumn rain, winter chill and spring thaw. But your backyard is more than just a place to sow and grow. It’s also the equivalent of an outdoor room of your home, meant for family gatherings, entertainment and even solitary time when you want to be alone with your thoughts. You’ll find a wealth of good information on what to plant online, and here’s another take on the theme. How do you furnish your garden to rock all four seasons? All-weather outdoor furniture from Sloane and Sons Garden Benches is a place to start.

Gardens and Garden Benches

Yes, there are a few gardeners who don’t want to waste an iota of growing space in the garden for any other activities. But even dedicated gardeners usually like a spot to sit and contemplate their outdoor empire. Nothing beats garden benches when it comes to providing the opportunity for a pause. That may be a pause in the chores or just a pause in the busy traffic of life. When you need to sit outside for a moment, take a deep breath of clean air and relax, a simple wooden bench is perfect for every month of the year.

Teak Takes the Cake

When you go to look for a garden bench, you need to consider the material it is made of. You’ll want the bench to be sturdy, attractive and touch enough to survive winter’s worst. Sloane and Sons have garden benches that are made to adapt to all four seasons. They want your new bench to be as protected as possible from sun and cold and wet weather, and use materials that support that goal.

Most of their products are made of teak, a durable wood that is perfectly suited to the changing demands of the outdoor world, throughout the seasons. And they offer a range of different, attractive bench styles, as well as accessories like waterproof covers, cushions, teak protectors and patinizers that make caring for your outdoor seating an easy task.

If you are in the market for outdoor furniture, it’s well worth a trip to Sloane and Sons Garden Benches website. You’ll find tables and chairs as well as charming and inviting benches. There are a number of designs that fit many spaces and various seating options, from smaller seating for two to the larger, more elegant seating for three and five. And don’t forget those cushions. These, too, come in many different styles and colors to suit your needs. You can even mix it up so you have something stylish that complements the changing seasons – like bright blue in spring or the more natural cream and green tones during autumn. Whatever matches your needs, you’re certain to find it here.

Sure, the seasons are bound to change, but your garden seating shouldn’t have to. Choose the right garden bench, for instance, and you’ll have that special place to sit and relax as you enjoy the spectacular view of summer blooms, autumn’s foliage show, crisp winter air and the renewal of spring.

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