The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Keter For Your Garden Shed

By Shelley Pierce | January 10, 2018
Image by Shelley Pierce
by Shelley Pierce
January 10, 2018

Recently I had the opportunity to assemble a Keter large garden storage shed – the Oakland 757. This shed model is approximately 7.5 x 7 feet in size. With roughly 50 square feet, this shed offers a good amount of space for storage.

I’ll be honest – I’m not very keen on doing any kind of product assembly. Why? Well, maybe I’m just a little unmotivated in doing these kind of things, but I typically find these assemblies to be frustrating ordeals due to extremely vague instructions and missing or defective parts. Not fun in other words. The installation of the Keter Oakland 757, however, sort of turned my negative opinion of “put together installs” on its head. Read on to learn more.


The shed is taking shape!

Relatively Easy to Assemble

I think my installation partner-in-crime would agree with me in that the majority of the shed was relatively easy to assemble. The install, based on reviews and my own personal experience, can take anywhere from 5-10 hours on average with the requisite two people.  The provided instructions were very clear and populated with helpful diagrams so there were no head scratcher moments. All of the parts were clearly labeled and identifiable. The floor and walls went up relatively fast and easy, largely in part to precut tongue and groove panels.

Time to put on the roof!

The roof install, however, gave us pause as it did not seem to want to fit like a glove over the structure and required a little bit of coercion to settle into its rightful place. However, any roof assembly on any given shed would probably prove a little difficult as you are doing a lot of the work with your arms above your head, stepping on step stools and ladders.



This door with a split hinge was quickly replaced by Keter.

Fast Customer Service

When working on the shed door assembly, I discovered that one of the molded door hinges was split, something that probably happened in transit. This did send me into bit of a tailspin; however, when I notified Keter of my predicament, they had a replacement door shipped directly to me in just a few days’ time. In fact, they sent me two replacement doors when I really only needed one. Also – there were no missing parts discovered during the assembly which was pretty much a first for me.





Close-up of Duotech Panel

It’s Not Plastic!

While many garden sheds on the market nowadays are made of plastic, this simply is not the case for the Keter Oakland 757.  The Keter Oakland 757 features weather resistant DUOTECH™ panels made with a durable polypropylene resin construction reinforced with steel.  What this means is that is very sturdy and rugged! The roof will support heavy loads of snow and the floor is heavy-duty enough for storing major items like lawnmowers and ATVs.



Keter Oakland 757: attractive rustic chic style!

It’s Stylish

Keter describes the Oakland 757 as embodying an “attractive rustic chic style” and I couldn’t agree more. With paintable walls engrained with a weathered wooden texture, a Victorian-style window, a full-length skylight, and double doors, it’s pure eye candy for your backyard.







Ample space for all your gardening tools!

It’s Maintenance Free

With its weather resistant design, there is no maintenance required as the shed will not rot, dent or peel! No need to paint or stain. To clean, simply hose it down real quick or wipe it down with damp cloth.

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