Lava Soap: Cutting Through Dirt and Grime for More Than 125 Years

By Caroline Bloomfield | June 12, 2019
Image by Nikki Tilley
by Caroline Bloomfield
June 12, 2019

The crimson red package with its familiar volcano in the background was a constant in my life as far back as I can remember. It’s been such a fixture, although I hadn’t thought for a long while about why it’s called Lava. It was in my mother’s washroom, my father’s shop, and now in my garden tub. Since childhood, I’ve always known Lava to be the best soap on the market for anyone who works around soil, plants, sap, fertilizers, lawnmower engines”¦ and really, any other dirty stuff.

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Why is Lava the Perfect Gardeners’ Soap?

The ingredient in Lava® Soap that creates its lather is derived from humble coconut oil, but its real cleansing magic comes from fine volcanic pumice. When partnered with gentle suds, pumice has a knack for accessing your hands’ tiniest creases, lifting out dirt and grime easily and quickly from palms, knuckles and nails. It rinses off with no gooey after-feel”¦just clean and fresh.

Lava Soap isn’t just for rough farmhand skin, either. Softening agents keep your hands from becoming dry and callused, even after an all-day weeding binge in your garden. The fragrance isn’t gender-biased, but simply smells clean.

Let’s be honest – even the best gardeners have moments when we’re forced to peel off our gloves and do something with bare hands. Even gloves don’t always keep the dirt out. As for me, being knee-deep in a project involving soil can distract me for hours when, suddenly, I realize it’s time to fix food or run an errand – and I see my hands are deeply filthy. This is when I appreciate this old standby the most. I don’t have to soak, scrape or toxify my hands to get them clean enough to switch gears.

You won’t find many potent hand soaps that will exfoliate your skin without using harsh chemicals. Natural volcanic pumice ground to a soft, fine abrasive powder deep cleans the parts of your body that work the hardest – your hands! Here’s an interesting fact: Skin pH is about 4-5, whether it is on your hands or your face. Lava Soap’s higher pH of 9.4 helps to easily remove oils and grease from the skin.

History – Our Best Teacher

Lava has been on the market in this country since the late 19th century – 1893 to be exact. In those days, home gardeners undoubtedly worked harder and got dirtier than we can even imagine. The reason it’s endured for more than a hundred years? The ingredients have remained virtually unchanged for more than a century. It’s still the perfectly simple, hard-working product it was back then.

Bringing this reliable, old-fashioned hand soap to your gardening day somehow makes it seem richer and even a bit nostalgic. I hope I’ll have great-grandchildren who’ll remember me many years from now when they wash up after a good day in the garden. Here’s to clean hands and happy memories – Lava® Soap provides both!

You can find Lava Soap at a Walmart store near you in the beauty aisle. You can also download a coupon here. Be sure to follow Lava Soap on Facebook for more great gardening tips.

The above article was sponsored by Lava® Soap. The information contained in this article may contain ads or advertorial opinions.
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