Life’s a Garden – Dig It With a DIY Guru Auger

By Mary Ellen Ellis | September 25, 2018
Image by Power Planter
by Mary Ellen Ellis
September 25, 2018

If you have ever labored and struggled to dig a hole for planting, to cultivate and loosen soil in your garden, or to mix your compost pile, you can tell anyone why gardening is not for the physically weak. But why make it so difficult? You can get through all these chores, and others, with much greater ease, without muscle aches and back pain, and you can do it all with a simple cordless drill and the DIY Guru Auger.


What is the DIY Guru Auger?

An auger is essentially a drill bit, so if you have ever used an electric drill to put a screw in something, you’ve used an auger. The DIY Guru Auger is a larger auger that can be used for gardening and home chores. It’s three inches (7.5 cm.) in diameter and 12 inches (30 cm.) long, and you can attach it to nearly any electric or cordless drill.

The auger is hand-welded and made with a steel shaft and 10-gauge flighting. It comes with an unconditional guarantee for quality, durability, and materials of the parts. This ensures your new tool will last, excluding normal and expected wear and tear from regular use.


Planting with the Auger

The DIY Guru Auger is specifically designed to help with planting in the garden, although it is versatile enough to be used in other ways. The three-inch diameter makes it perfect for digging holes for transplants and bulbs. It has even been designed to leave some loose soil in the bottom of the hole after digging to help a plant grow better and develop roots in its new location.


Cultivating Soil and Compost

The auger really churns up and loosens soil with very little effort on your part, so it’s perfect for cultivating soil. Although the tool is small, you can use it to cultivate and loosen soil when planting larger things like shrubs or trees. Use the auger first and digging a large hole is much easier. You’ll also have loose, cultivated soil that you can use to backfill with.

Compost needs to be turned regularly, and if you have a compost pile, you know the enormity of this chore. Instead of using a shovel and doing the back-breaking work, just stick the auger in the pile and use it to completely turn and mix your developing compost.


Other Garden and Household Chores Made Easier with the DIY Guru Auger

As a gardener, planting and turning soil are among the most important and difficult things you do, and the DIY Guru Auger can help with those. But it can also help with other chores. Use it to make soil mixes or to mix cement, mortar, or paint. Dig holes to install a fence or to take soil samples for analysis. You can even take the auger to the beach with you and use it to securely install your umbrella or volleyball net.

The DIY Guru Auger from Power Planter is a great garden and home tool that will save you time as well as aches and pains. Just be sure to clean it well after each use, dry it and store it, and your auger will assist you for years to come.

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