Lighting Up Your Backyard

By Mary H. Dyer | April 3, 2017
Image by Desert Steel
by Mary H. Dyer
April 3, 2017

A colorful garden is a delight to the senses from dawn until dusk, but the magic doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. A few carefully placed solar lights create a sense of wonder that continues around the clock, even on the darkest night or amid the depths of winter. It’s a truly bright idea!

The list of creative uses for solar lights is nearly endless, but strategically placing lights as accents is one of the easiest ways to light up your landscape, be it an impressive formal garden, a funky natural landscape or a plant-filled urban balcony. The Daisy Light, for example, is a durable, handcrafted sculptural piece with an oiled bronze finish that brings art to the garden at a reasonable price. Crafted by Desert Steel, the Daisy Light is just the thing for lighting up a window box or planter or to cast light on a bench, swing or other piece of garden furniture.

The beauty isn’t limited to the nighttime hours, as Desert Steel’s hand-crafted pieces are just as attractive at noon as they are at midnight.

Accent lights cast a twinkly reflection when placed around a garden fountain or pond and they become a practical safety feature when used to draw attention to rocks, plants or other tripping hazards. Offer a warm welcome to guests with several well-placed accent lights along a driveway or garden path. Place solar lights where they receive a fair amount of sunlight during the day, and you’ll be surprised at the illumination. Even an occasional cloudy day is no problem for solar lights. If you haven’t tried solar lights lately, today’s lights are a vast improvement over yesterday’s older, dimmer lights, and no digging or electrical know how is needed.

In addition to Daisy solar lights, Desert Steel also makes a number of unique floral torches to add a bit of bright color and tropical fun to any landscape. Fill the torches with regular lamp oil or use citronella to discourage mosquitoes from ruining your garden get-together. Floral torches in the form of dahlia, bird of paradise, ginger, daisy, Himalayan poppy or sunflower allow homeowners to be imaginative, adventurous and daring, and to enjoy the garden long after the sun goes down.

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