Make Your Home Beautiful with a Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden

By Shelley Pierce | March 22, 2019
by Shelley Pierce
March 22, 2019

I have been thinking about an indoor grow light system for quite some time but never fully committed to the idea because the systems I encountered fell short when it came to aesthetics. It was challenging to find a system that would mesh well with the interior design of my home. Many of the offerings were in unattractive tent-like enclosures designed to be concealed in a closet. This is fine for those looking to grow marijuana but, for gardeners looking to grow other types of plants, it’s just not very ideal or accessible. Other systems were comprised of bulky grow light fixtures suspended over plants, with the lights requiring periodic height adjustments, which also isn’t very convenient. I had just about given up on my search for an indoor grow light system when I was presented with the opportunity to try out a Low Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden from Gardener’s Supply. This grow light system was just what I was looking for, as it met all the following criteria on my checklist:

Low Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden*

Easy to assemble. 

The Low Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden was very easy to put together. It took me approximately one hour to assemble alone. The instructions were easy to understand and the process was without any major frustrations or complications.

Tip: The directions call for a Phillips screwdriver – it should clarify that the head of the screwdriver should be on the small side, as this makes the installation much easier. 


A grow light system that looks like fine furniture. 

The frame of the Bamboo LED Grow Light Gardens is crafted with bamboo. Bamboo is actually an indoor décor trend that has seen a resurgence, and for good reason – it’s a natural highly renewable material that has a high-end look, exuding elegance and warmth.

The visual appeal of this grow light garden is further accentuated by grow lamps that are recessed into the top part of the box frame, out of view and eliminating distracting glare. This system is also designed as an open structure, which is great for a few reasons. One – it allows your plants to be seen and enjoyed! Two – it gives you the requisite access and space needed to tend to your plants. This grow unit is definitely classy enough to be situated in any room of your home because it looks like furniture, not a contraption, and puts the focus on the plants, as it should be. 

Accommodates plants of all sizes. 

The Grow Light Garden I tried out was one tier and geared towards growing low growing plants such as cacti and succulents as well as starting and propagating plants. There are also medium and tall sized tiers available to grow plants of varying sizes up to 2.5 feet tall and 4 feet tall, respectively, so you will have lots of growing options.


The Grow Light Garden system is a modular system. With my low growing tier, I could stack on two more low growing tiers or add on one medium tier. I could position a tall tier next to one of these stacked configurations and it would look like one cohesive and seamless unit because everything would be the same height.

Grow your best seedlings.  

The one tier low growing unit could easily accommodate four Gardener’s Supply Company 24-cell seed starter kits, which gives you enough growing space to start close to one hundred plants! Equipped with a bag of Gardener’s Seed Starting Mix, I planted seeds into the starter kit cells from the Plant It & Forget It Garden seed mix. I felt that my seedlings were definitely fuller, thicker and stronger, which I attribute to the grow garden’s two strong 3960 grow lamps. The best thing is, you never have to adjust the height of the lamps because they are strong enough to fulfill your plants’ light needs from a single distance!

Final Note: My only recommendation is that the basic assembly should come with an additional galvanized tray. This tray could be used as a top shelf on the unit or as a tray that could be used for potting up seed trays or transplanting. 

*Photos courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company

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