Making Dirty Hands Clean with Lava Soap

By Nikki Tilley | August 7, 2017
Image by Nikki Tilley
by Nikki Tilley
August 7, 2017

I’m a gardener and while the plants are reason enough to get my hands in the dirt, it’s also fun! After all, why stop playing in the dirt just because we’re grown up now. That aside, what may not be so fun is the dirt or grime that collects under your well-polished nails. And even still, working outdoors in the soil and sun eventually takes a toll on your silky, soft skin as it becomes tough and perhaps even callused. Never fear, though. Help is but a soap bubble away.

Lava® is a household name for many. In fact, the company has been around since about 1893 and is marketed as one of the “best-known, heavy-duty hand cleaners in the world.” There’s good reason for this too – Lava soap is definitely among the best of the best and I would know since I frequently use it not only in general, but after a long day of digging, planting or weeding in the garden. Sometimes my hands are so nasty looking, my husband won’t let me touch the door to come back inside. “Oh no,” he says. “Let me get that for you.” (Guess that’s one way to get a man to open a door for you nowadays.)

I’m the type of gardener who likes the full gardening sensory experience – I like to actually feel the soil between my fingers. And – did you know that feeling the dirt actually makes you happy according to certain studies – there are bacterium in soil that are natural antidepressants! Lava Soap cleans and moisturizes my hands so good, there is no need to use gardening gloves and, therefore, allows me to happier in the process!

The Lava Bar gets its name from one of the soap’s key ingredients – pumice. And if you’re familiar with this volcanic by-product, then you know of its power in cutting through even the toughest of grease and grime. Ask my husband after working on the car. But that’s not the only use. This little bar of soap packs a punch when it comes to knocking out dirt or mud encrusted hands in the garden. And in addition to the pumice, other cleaning and moisturizing agents are added to clean and soften your sunbaked hands.

So next time you’re at the store, consider picking up a bar of Lava soap and just give it a try. I’m telling you your hands will thank you. In fact, it cleans your hands so good you don’t need gardening gloves!

Lava Soap is available at retailers across the country, including Ace, Walmart, Dollar General and Family Dollar. To find a store near you, visit and click on the Where to Buy button.

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