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Organic Clothing For Organic Gardeners

By Nikki Tilley | May 20, 2016
Image by prAna

Organic Clothing For Organic Gardeners

by Nikki Tilley May 20, 2016

Organic Clothing For Organic Gardeners

By Nikki Tilley | May 20, 2016

(Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden)

As gardeners, we know the importance of using organic approaches whenever possible. It means healthier soil, stronger plant growth, safer food and an environmentally friendly option overall. Coinciding with this practice is organic clothing. Yes, your clothes can play just as important a role in the garden. After all, if you’re not comfortable while gardening, then you’re less likely to be very productive.

Just as you wouldn’t dig a hole with the wrong tool, you wouldn’t wear ill-fitting, thick clothing on a hot summer day. In other words, what you put on for a day in the garden should be comfy, durable and functional. And that’s where organic clothing comes in – more specifically organic cotton, like that found at prAna. So what’s the difference between conventional cotton and organic cotton clothing? First off, conventional cotton, while only making up a small percentage of overall farming, accounts for at least 25% of insecticide usage and is ranked 4th of the most heavily synthetically fertilized crops. This is a big deal for those of us that care about the environment.

Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown naturally without any toxic chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. In fact, the organic cotton collection from prAna meets the USDA National Organic Program regulations (which is what you want when shopping for organic clothing), and makes it environmentally friendly. That’s good for everyone! Additionally, organic cotton, in my opinion, just feels softer against my skin, and I find it more airy than traditional cotton fabrics. I’m simply more comfortable as I perform gardening tasks.

I’m sure you can find great organic clothing in many other outlets, but the folks at prAna know their stuff. Their slogan says it all: “Clothing for people who live fully, play long, and travel well.” Many athletes both enjoy and swear by the use of organic clothing, so if it works well for them, why not gardeners. They’re not just comfortable but stylish too. Who wouldn’t want to look good, feel good AND keep our environment safe? From tees and tanks to pants, capris and shorts, you’re sure to find something suitable for your gardening endeavors – there are even organic cotton headbands (great for keeping that long hair in place, gals!) and hats.

If you’re an organic gardener or just care about preserving our world in general, perhaps you’d like to consider adding some organic clothing to your closet. You’ll feel better in the garden, making you more productive, while adhering to environmentally friendly practices. It just seems like a win-win, no nonsense approach to me.

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