Organization Made Easy: Creating an Ultimate Tool Shed

By Mary H. Dyer | July 21, 2017
Image by Flow Wall
by Mary H. Dyer
July 21, 2017

Are you spending too much of your precious gardening time searching for a favorite trowel that’s gone missing behind that pile of hoes, rakes and hoses in a corner of your tool shed or garage? Are you tired of sweeping up spilled potting mix because you haven’t figured out a workable method of storing the stuff? Unless you’re super-organized by nature, you’re probably familiar with this all-too-familiar frustration. Sometimes, it seems that the best solution to that out-of-control shed is to shut the doors and hope the neighbors don’t get a glimpse of the mayhem lurking inside.

The good news is that Flow Wall has simplified the process with a variety of sturdy, budget-friendly organizing systems that will get your shed or garage up to snuff very quickly – be it a small tool shed, a three-car garage, or anything in between. The panels are incredibly tough, each capable of holding up to 100 pounds per square inch. Bare walls, including concrete or block, are no problem. Depending on your particular needs, your garage organizing system may include panels, cabinets and drawers or any combination thereof, along with hooks, brackets, bins, and shelves that will help you put things in their place – and keep them there.

Just think of it: No more time wasted extracting your lawn mower from the obstacle course. No need to buy new gardening gloves because it’s easier than hunting down the old pair. Flow Wall is so easy to install that you can do the work yourself with a few basic tools, although the process gets even easier if you have a couple of friends to help align the panels. Otherwise, you can always call a local contractor to handle the job.

Creating the perfect organizing system is apple-pie easy with the downloadable Flow Wall Planning Guide. The chart will guide you through the entire process, from planning and measuring to ordering and installation. You can purchase an entire storage system all at once, but a garage storage starter kit is a great first step on your way to the storage system of your dreams. You can always expand as your collection of gardening tools expands too. So fling those garage doors open wide! With Flow Wall, you can display your organizing system with pride.

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