Organizing Your Garden Shed to Work for You

By Dianna Woods | August 11, 2016
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by Dianna Woods
August 11, 2016

When planting season comes, most avid gardeners are like a child in a candy shop. They peruse countless seed and bulb catalogues for the latest sensation in flowers and edibles. If you have the gardening fever too, you probably cannot wait to get started.

Like any job or hobby, gardening requires you to have the right tools and to keep them organized. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. Some gardeners have a designated corner in the garage or basement for all of their tools and supplies. There are many benefits to having your own gardening shed for these things. If you are looking for ways to get your shed organized this year, then here are a few helpful tips.

Weeding Your Tools

You can get frustrated and waste a lot of valuable time trying to find the gardening tools that you need. There may have been instances where you bought a tool you needed and found out later that you already had one. Organizing your tools saves time and looks much neater.

To get properly organized, gather all of your lawn and garden tools and sort them by size and type. If you have duplicates, you may want to sell or donate them to a novice gardener. Make sure your tools are cleaned, sharpened (if needed), and in good working order. Separate supplies that are outdated or broken and pitch or recycle them. There is no need to keep things that are beyond repair. Be relentless when you sort your tools and equipment and only keep the best.

Put Up Pegboard

Pegboard is an organizer’s best friend. It is similar to sheets of plywood and has rows of holes drilled from top to bottom. It comes in different sizes and is quite easy to install. Once you have your pegboard up, you can organize all your tools on it. Smaller tools can hang by hooks while larger tools can be put in special brackets. Some gardeners even like to trace silhouettes of each tool on the pegboard. You can also put labels above the hooks where each goes. No matter which method you choose, pegboards can be a handy way of storing your gardening tools and equipment.

Shaker-style Pegs

You may also choose to put up Shaker pegs along the walls of your gardening shed. They can be mounted at the height that is most convenient. You can hang tools, rope, gardening hoses, and other equipment easily on Shaker pegs. Not only do they organise your tools, but they add a decorative touch to your shed. Most are made of wood and are durable for small or larger tools.

Decorative Bins

Take a cue from professional home organisers and purchase some decorative bins to sort smaller gardening things. You can find them at most home good stores. They come in graduated sizes and different colours. They can be made of durable plastic, metal, wood, or basket material. Avoid large glass containers, because they can break and become a safety hazard. Line your bins up and store things such as flower seeds, bulbs, hand tools, or anything that can be grouped together. Bins clear the clutter and make your gardening shed neat and tidy.


Shelving is also a convenient way to organise your shed. There are different shelving types that can be used for whatever your needs are. Some people like to buy the heavy plastic shelving that is easy to assemble and stack. These are ideal for smaller bins that hold your gardening supplies or boxes of screws and nails.

You may prefer adjustable floating shelves. These usually have metal frames that are screwed to the wall and include adjustable braces with metal shelving. They come in various sizes and can store bins, boxes, and cans. They are a little more expensive than the plastic shelving units; however, being adjustable makes a difference.

Do you need shelving on a budget? You can buy wooden crates cheaply or even get them for free at some shipping yards. They can be used as bins to corral small tools and hardware or they can be stacked as shelves.

Even though gardening can be hard work, many people claim that it is therapeutic to plant things and to watch them grow. You can get a head start on your gardening projects if you are well-organised. A garden shed that has order will help you find things faster and will make it quicker to put things away. Instead of looking for lost tools this season, you will be enjoying your lovely garden!

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    Pegboard,Shaker pegs,Shelving this are on point tips that a gardener always and should be consider when making or having a garden shed,it's easy to install and you'll see all your tools very well organize.Wonderful blog thank you for sharing your tips!

  • Clement Lafontaine
    Comment added April 27, 2017Reply

    Thanks for the advise. Space is often the biggest issue when organizing your shed. Also, we're in Canada and that's even a bigger pain. We have Winter stuff to put away, car shelters, snow blower, winter tires and so on.

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