Outdoor Watering Tools to Make Irrigation Easy

By Mary Ellen Ellis | May 9, 2018
Image by Shelley Pierce
by Mary Ellen Ellis
May 9, 2018

Ask any gardener which chore they dread the most, and the answer is likely going to be watering. Irrigating beds, the lawn, a vegetable garden, and new trees can feel almost like a full time job. It doesn’t have to be such an ordeal, though. If you have the right tools for watering and irrigating, you can work smarter, not harder.


The Right Nozzle Makes all the Difference

Anyone who has ever watered their lawn with a hose and nozzle knows the frustration of dragging the heavy hose around, trying to move it without getting tangles and kinks. You also know the pain in your hand and wrist from squeezing the nozzle for twenty minutes or more as you go through all your beds.

A better nozzle makes every part of watering easier. For example, the Gilmour Thumb Control Watering Nozzle allows you to easily control the flow of water with a quick flick of your thumb, and the new line of nozzles offered by Gilmour has been totally redesigned to eliminate any discomfort as you water the lawn or garden. These newer nozzles have a twisting base so that it moves as you move. This greatly reduces the kinks you tend to get as you move your hose around with you.

They are also designed with ergonomics in mind. The controls are much easier to use, and include eight different spray settings. The triggers are also simple and comfortable to use for an extended period of time as you water the garden.


Easy-to-Use Sprinklers Cover Large Areas

Setting up a sprinkler can be a big hassle, which is why many gardeners simply use the hose and nozzle. But, if you choose the right sprinkler for your needs, set up is easier and well worth the effort to get a full range of watering capabilities. Gilmour offers a series of well-designed sprinklers for every type of garden.

This includes a 360-degree sprinkler that is easy to adjust for size and range, traditional rectangular sprinklers in different sizes, and elevated garden sprinklers. The latter is a great choice for watering beds and vegetable gardens.


Additional Tools for Simple Watering

Sprinklers and nozzles are the backbone of garden watering and irrigation, and when you have the right ones you take a lot of the hassle out of this chore. There are some other tools you can also try to make it even easier and more convenient.

With a water timer that you attach between hose and water spigot, you can set up sprinklers once and know that they will turn on automatically at the right time and hit all the areas that need watering. Choose from electronic and mechanical versions.

Connectors for watering tools can also make the job easier. Quick connectors that are easy to put in place, as well as shut off valves make using your watering tools a breeze.

Watering is essential for your garden and lawn to thrive, but it can be a major, time-consuming chore if you don’t have the best tools. Check out Gilmour’s redesigned nozzles, easy set-up sprinklers, quick connectors, and water timers to take the pain out of this chore.

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