Patio Doors Make a Grand Entrance to Your Backyard

By Mary Ellen Ellis | January 31, 2018
Image by Milgard
by Mary Ellen Ellis
January 31, 2018

An easy and affordable way to spruce up your home and give your beautiful yard and garden more focus is to have a set of patio doors installed. Double glass doors, whether French, sliding, or another style, give you the benefit of having an indoor view of the garden you’ve labored to grow, as well as a sense of outdoor living and lots of natural light. For patio doors out to the backyard, you have a lot of great options – Milgard Windows and Doors is a great place to start.


Showcase Your Garden with the Right Patio Doors

You’ve worked hard on your garden, so why not enjoy it both indoors and out? With the right choice of patio doors that open up to the backyard, you can frame your garden in a way that maximizes the view. For instance, a simple sliding glass door gives you a wide view with solid glass panes and thin rails and stiles.

Another option that will extend your view is to install a glass wall. Moving glass wall systems are like multiple patio doors all in a row. You can extend your entryway to the garden with three, four, or more panes of glass that open by sliding, folding, or stacking. It’s even possible to add these systems on more than one wall to create a truly spectacular indoor view of your gorgeous garden.

Patio Doors Bring the Outdoors in

As an avid gardener you enjoy being outside, but it isn’t always possible. With patio doors that lead into the backyard, you can create a feeling of outdoor living, even when you are still in the house. And when the weather doesn’t allow you to enjoy true outdoor living, your glass doors, or entire wall of glass, will give you a sense of being outside, with views of the grass, trees, and flower beds and plenty of natural light to warm up the space.


Add a Touch of Class with Swing Doors

Swing doors are classic in style and add elegance to any home and garden. While sliding doors are practical and allow you to save space, it’s hard to beat a good set of patio doors that open out to the backyard and emphasize the sweeping views of your garden. You can choose from solid glass panes, multiple panes (grid patterns), and even French door styles that have wider rails. Add transoms over the top or sidelights next to them to open up the space even more and maximize natural light coming into the room.

Patio doors in any style are great for improving the view and access to your backyard. With all the effort you put into your garden, it’s very rewarding to be more connected to it from the indoors.

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