Plant Package – Unearthing a Garden Surprise Every Month

By Nikki Tilley | March 21, 2019
Image by Nikki Tilley
by Nikki Tilley
March 21, 2019

New to gardening? Not a problem. With a Plant Package subscription box, you can grow like a pro because everything you need is included. Just follow four easy steps and you’re on your way: unbox, hydrate, transplant and display. That’s it! It couldn’t be any easier. You don’t have to be a newbie to enjoy what’s inside either. Anyone with a love of plants, new or old, experienced or not, can benefit. But that’s not even the best part – these plants and accessories are delivered right to your front door!

What is a Plant Package Box?

It’s just what it sounds like – plants in a box. But not just any plants and not just any box. These subscription boxes come with everything you need and are themed each month. Inside you’ll find a seasonal selection of four fully-grown plants, ranging from flowers and leafy greens to herbs and fruits. Of course, you can’t grow plants without soil (unless hydroponically), so this is in the box too. Won’t that be messy, you ask? Nope! Your Plant Package box includes what I like to call “magical” soil, otherwise known as eco-friendly coconut coir that’s been compressed for easy, clean shipping. All you do is add water and it expands like magic into a great water retentive growing medium. And since plants need nutrition, that’s also included. While this varies depending on the package, each box comes with a base fertilizer. And if specific plants call for it, additional supplemental fertilizers are also provided.

Although each plant comes in its own OMRI-certified biodegradable 4-inch (10 cm.) pot, your box will also contain a nifty plastic or metal decorative container suited for the monthly theme. This may just be one large container or it may be three to four smaller ones dependent on the theme. You can transplant the biodegradable pots directly into the decorative pot(s) or remove them first – your choice. As if this wasn’t enough, you can CHOOSE (during the checkout process) to have a surprise accessory included. Who doesn’t love surprises? This may feature anything from gloves, decorative plant tags and shears to a trowel, watering can or even your own mortar and pestle for herbs. It’s like Christmas in a box every month! Each subscription box comes with easy-to-follow instructions for planting and tips on caring for the plants too.

I tried the Plant Package box out for myself and I was just as excited to receive my box as I was upon “unboxing” it. Since my box came in the month of March, its theme was geared toward the luck of the Irish – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! And just as advertised, everything I needed was included along with the ever-so-simple directions for potting the lovely looking creeping Green Glow clover and Lemon Coral sedum. I also received a new pair of gardening gloves (green, of course!). I think I may have found a new outlet for my gardening addiction.

Lucky Pot of Gold

How Do You Get One of These Plant Package Boxes?

All you have to do is sign up for a subscription. You have the option of receiving a Plant Package monthly, every other month, or quarterly (delivered every three months). Each box starts at $42 per package monthly. Subscription plans can be made on a monthly basis where you pay each month or you can choose a 6-month (paying every 6 months) or 12-month (paying annually) subscription instead. You can even “gift” a box to someone else that shares the love of plants and gardening as much as you do.

Not everyone has the time or experience to garden, but that’s okay. Not everyone has to. Whether you’re new to gardening, a seasoned gardener with little space, or just a plant lover in general, the folks at make it easier for you to enjoy this addictive pastime without all the time and energy needed in maintaining a huge backyard garden. It’s a NEW subscription box for gardeners of all ages and experience levels – and easy enough to share with the kids too!

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