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Planting and Watering with Garden Grid™ Watering Systems

By Mary H. Dyer | November 6, 2017
Image by GardenInMinutes

Planting and Watering with Garden Grid™ Watering Systems

by Mary H. Dyer November 6, 2017

Planting and Watering with Garden Grid™ Watering Systems

By Mary H. Dyer | November 6, 2017

Many of us realize the importance of irrigation when it comes to keeping plants healthy and well-watered. Watering at the base of the plant is especially vital, as it keeps the foliage drier, thus significantly reducing the risk of moisture-related disease. Moisture is applied exactly where it can do the most good – at the roots. Most gardeners also know that overhead sprinkling is an inefficient use of water because so much moisture is lost due to evaporation and sometimes to soil erosion. The problem is that most complicated watering systems not only require extensive assembly, but they can take a real chunk out of the gardening budget. Time is also a critical factor….until now.

While traditional, overhead sprinklers must be constantly moved from place to place, Garden Grid™ watering systems stay in place until you decide to move them. Featured as one of the best raised bed gardening companies in a variety of outlets, the makers of this innovative product, GardenInMinutes, is family owned and run, designing and building everything right here in the U.S.A. The irrigation tubing used is made from the same material found in water purification systems. Amazingly simple and reasonably priced, Garden Grid™ watering systems provide a new, straightforward way of watering at ground level, providing a drip or stream of irrigation for plants.

Unlike many drip kits on the market, which are notorious for leaving dry spots and needing to be reconfigured for all plants to receive enough moisture, the water flow provided by the Garden Grid™ surrounds all plants so everything gets watered – no dry spots left behind. This innovative watering system requires no tools and is ready to use in less than a minute.

The grids are inspired by the popular square foot gardening method, but they are beneficial for any garden patch or flower bed, either at ground level or within raised beds. And they’re great for helping gardeners plant by area instead of rows so they can grow more plants in less space. Garden Grid™ systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, whether you’re working with a postage-stamp garden or something much larger. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Garden Grid manifold, you can always connect multiple grids to fit your growing garden. Additionally, the company will even help customize grids for those with unique gardens.

The best thing about the Garden Grid™ watering system is that your precious time is freed up for doing what you really love – gardening! The real reward is a bounteous harvest of beautiful veggies or a lush landscape of gorgeous flowers.

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    Comment added November 17, 2017Reply

    It is really important to maintain the correct moisture level on plants as well as soil, when there is evaporation. garden grid watering system seems to an effective one for this.

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