Plants to Prep for August

By Caroline Bloomfield | July 1, 2019
Image by Monrovia
by Caroline Bloomfield
July 1, 2019

The joy of summer holds certain memorable qualities for each of us. Lemonade in the shade, the scent of flowers and herbs in full bloom, and a verdant vacation from our labors come to mind. And, speaking of labor, does anyone really enjoy working in the intense heat of mid-summer? Why not plan your flower garden in a way that will deliver a relatively carefree heat season, while your plants do their best work without a lot of help from you? Planning early for the heat season pays off in so many ways, and Monrovia has you covered.

Planning A Lush Summer

Try grouping some fluffy, plants that will thrive without much care in the heat. An explosion of Monrovia’s Plumetastic® Pink Muhly Grass planted in a space with a Petite Snow™ Butterfly Bush and some Lacey Blue Russian Sage can create a visual impressionist’s paradise. Add in Sugartina® Summersweet and you can paint like Monet from your shady setting, as the bees and these frothy flowers create a beautiful sun-soaked canvas.

For bolder color, light up a sunny corner with bright Black-Eyed Susans and fiery Arizona Sun Blanket Flowers. Tucking in some cranesbill, speedwell and salvia adds violet and blue contrast and texture, and these beauties will glow and thrive in the sunshine without much work on your part.

A gentle pink Strawberry Shake Hydrangea lends an old-fashioned touch to a more traditional flower garden. Monrovia’s New York Asters and Red Velvet Yarrow are perfect companions for peaceful, carefree beauty as the summer heat slowly begins to taper off.

Plan to Plant the Best

Planning a summer garden in advance means choosing plants that will thrive in the heat while you relax in the shade. Monrovia has confidence their plants will continue to grow well once they’ve reached your hands because they’ve been nurtured with close attention to every detail. Look for Monrovia’s large selection of plants in your garden center or browse their catalog online.

Combining textures, colors, heights and shapes in your summer garden creates beauty and pleasure that will last for years in your summer memories. So plan ahead for the heat season, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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