Reading Glasses for the Gardener in You

By Nikki Tilley | July 4, 2017
by Nikki Tilley
July 4, 2017

While not everyone may agree, reading is important and something everyone should do. Of course, for those of us that cannot read as well as we once did in our twenties, the reality of having to wear a pair of glasses in order to do so isn’t an easy thing to accept”¦at first. People are going to laugh, they’ll make me look funny, or they’re dull and unattractive. These concerns are normal but so not true. And I know! Having recently been prescribed reading glasses, I understand completely because I felt the same. I also know that I cannot do my job effectively as an editor if I am unable to see clearly. Ok, so what does any of this have to do with gardening? I’m glad you asked.

In addition to being an editor for a gardening website, I love to garden. And anyone who gardens knows that even out in nature it is important to read, be it in your own garden or while visiting another. Or even when you’re out camping or hiking. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with a case of poison ivy because you missed the sign that said, “Beware of poison ivy patch ahead.” Let’s not forget about plant labels either. If you can’t see the information necessary to care for specific plants, then you might plant it too deeply or in the wrong spot. So, yes, having a pair of reading glasses handy is a definite plus.

That said, I’m not too fond of the idea of wearing my “expensive” prescription glasses out in the garden for fear that I might damage or misplace them. That’s why I was excited when gave me the opportunity to try some of their special collection readers aimed at people with a passion for gardening. Many of these offer floral designs. Take, for instance, The Bouquet and The Buttercup readers. Both pairs of reading glasses offer bright colors and fun patterns.

I liked the Green Floral Buttercup with a fun, floral print and spring hinges, although what I received was the white. Still, they are just as cute (maybe not on my face) and they did bring a smile to my face, beckoning the inner child in me to come out and play. They also sent The Dahlia, a stylish reader featuring metal details on the temples. Very nice. Again, I’m not too sure how I feel about them on my particular face, but I’m also my worst critic.

Looks aside, how well did the glasses fare in the garden; better yet, could I still read with them on? Yes. First of all, the company provides an easy chart that you can print off to find the optimal power lens that best fits you. Mine was about a +2.00. So I made sure to find some fairly small print plant labels just to test out my newest facial accessory. It passed. I flipped though plant catalogs, which oftentimes are difficult to read. All good. Reading glasses may not be the only thing you need, though. The gardening collection also offers sun-readers like The Azalea Sun Reader and The Daffodil Sun Reader, of which I tried. These, too, performed well. I was able to kick back in the garden and read without the glaring sun blinding me.

All in all, in spite of the harsh criticism of how they look on me, I am happy with these readers and will no doubt use them again and again since I am constantly forgetting to take my prescription glasses with me outside. I can simply leave a pair of my cute readers in the drawer of my garden bench where they’ll be handy whenever I need them. I’ll keep my shades on the counter for easy access as I’m headed out the door, and the other pair in the kitchen for all those recipes I’ll be reading as I am reaping the harvest from this season’s garden.

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