Reaping the Benefits of a Potted Bulb Garden

By Nikki Tilley | April 12, 2017
Image by Nikki Tilley
by Nikki Tilley
April 12, 2017

Did you know that plants can affect your moods? It’s true. We benefit both psychologically and physically from the living things found in nature and there’s a name for it too – biophilia. And while you may think that you can only reap these benefits from visiting nature preserves or by growing a backyard garden, you’d be wrong. A simple houseplant or pretty potted bulbs is all you need to take advantage of this happy feeling.

That’s right! Studies have shown that plants, even small ones, not only lower anxiety and blood pressure but can both decrease your stress levels and increase your concentration, all while making you feel better overall. So whether you’re looking to improve your mood or want to bring someone else a little extra bliss, why not consider the gift of plants. After all, this is something that’s been done for centuries…with bouquets of flowers given to patients recovering in the hospital and for celebratory occasions like Easter and Mother’s Day. Not to mention the fact that many homes are filled with wonderful houseplants.

A great way to experience biophilia for any occasion, especially for those with little space outdoors, is with potted garden plants like those from Jackson & Perkins. They have a number of plants to choose from, although for cheery spring blooms their Jubilant Bulb Garden is a great choice. After long, dreary winter days, it’s easy for bouts of depression to set in. But these potted bulbs are sure to lighten your mood and lift your spirits.

The container itself is attractive with a pretty butterfly across the front, and the colors fit in nicely nearly anywhere you put it. But the real excitement comes as the bulbs’ blooms burst forth. Starting out as little green sprouts, the anticipation alone will bring its recipient some happiness, as each passing day brings with it more growth, leading up to the finale – a beautiful display of bright yellow daffodils.

Nothing brings more satisfaction than the gift of plants. Remember, it’s been proven. You don’t need a huge expanse of land, and there’s no need in traveling to far off places either. A simple potted bulb garden can be every bit as beneficial and is sure to brighten anyone’s day. And once the blooms have faded, that attractive container can be reused for any number of things around the home or stick another plant inside, maybe even more bulbs to enjoy the process all over again.

And if you want to boost that special someone’s mood all year long, Jackson & Perkins also has the added option of a Bulb Club membership, which allows you to send a monthly plant to a loved one – a gift that keeps on giving month after month. Now what could be better than that!

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