Reaping the Harvest – Solar Cooking Your Veggies in the Backyard

By Bonnie Grant | August 29, 2018
Image by GoSun
by Bonnie Grant
August 29, 2018

If you live in an area where logging is a daily occurrence, you have seen the unsightly and sad clear cuts that mar the landscape, create pollution, endanger wildlife and reduce air quality. Wood is the most available and common method of cooking worldwide, but the acquisition of this fuel creates a blight on our environment. Electricity is another thing altogether. Surely, there is a better method of heating and cooking our food? GoSun has found the answer – solar cooking.

The sun is a powerful (and free) energy source, so why not take advantage of it. Modern technology is just beginning to understand its uses and benefits as a natural heating and lighting tool. Traditional outdoor cooking methods over coal or wood release toxic carcinogens, pollute air and harm our planet. Using solar energy to cook food removes these detriments, and the lower heat leaves more nutrients behind, making that surplus veggie harvest taste even better and provides us with a healthier meal overall.

So how do we harness this sun-powered heat source? The GoSun Sport ProPack is a unique solar cooker that not only cooks a variety of foods but can be used to pasteurize water. The GoSun solar cooker can even cook when it is cloudy, cold or windy. You just need to be able to see your shadow, and this safe and versatile oven will have dinner on the table in no time right from your backyard. The GoSun Sport is portable, so you can take it anywhere – on a picnic, camping, fishing, or just use it in your backyard. It comes in a carrying case with extra trays, pans, boiling water insert and even a cookbook. The foods you can cook on this handy device include meats, vegetables and even baked goods. It roasts, steams, fries, bakes and boils. Examples of foods you can create from your garden harvest include casseroles, stews, omelets, roasted veggies, and more.

The key to this solar cooker is the vacuum tube insulation. It traps heat and steam and converts up to 80 % of the sun’s rays into heat, reaching up 550 degrees Fahrenheit (288 C.). The unit works by focusing sunlight on the parabolic reflectors, which then heat the interior of the tube. Special protective heat-proof glass surrounds the tube, helping conserve heat and making the exterior of the unit cool enough to touch safely with no fire hazards to worry with either (an extra bonus for campers or anyone with kids). The GoSun ProPack cooks a meal for two quickly and safely. Meals can be done in as little as 20 minutes. It will even continue cooking for a while after the sun has gone down.

Global warming is a real threat. It is incumbent on all of us to find ways to reduce our carbon emissions and help save our forests. GoSun has a wide range of products that do just that with a 2-year warranty. Few products out there come from a company with such integrity and dedication to conservation. They have committed to help spread the solar energy revolution to energy impoverished regions and have already shipped to 60 countries. Solar cooking with the lightweight, easy-to-use GoSun Sport is just another way you can do your part too, and it’s also a great way to enjoy your vegetable harvest with little effort.

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