Recycled Fiber – The Future of Soil

By Liz Baessler | March 29, 2018
Image by PittMoss®
by Liz Baessler
March 29, 2018

Is recycled fiber the future of soil? The folks behind PittMoss® say yes. PittMoss® is a new growing medium that’s great for both the environment and plants. It’s made from recycled material, so it helps reduce landfill waste. But it’s also specially formatted to reduce the need for water consumption, making it doubly good for conservation. And all that environmental responsibility isn’t a tradeoff for quality – PittMoss® is actually shown to be better for plants than other growing media, resulting in richer, fuller growth and longer life expectancy.

PittMoss® is made from upcycled cellulosic fibers, like newspaper, that would otherwise wind up in landfills. In fact, PittMoss® is projected to keep 97,500 tons of paper out of landfills. While less material in landfills is a good thing, it also does double duty as a renewable substitute for peat. Peat, a material commonly used in growing media, has to be harvested from peatlands, which are limited and delicately balanced ecosystems. PittMoss® protects the peatlands and reduces waste in one fell swoop.

It’s also wonderful for the health of plants. The fibers that make up PittMoss® are specially engineered to retain a large volume of water and release it slowly into the roots of plants. This means plants have access to water when they need it and can grow more healthily and steadily. It also stores nutrients more efficiently, preserving them for the plants to absorb as needed and keeping them from leaching out into the soil. On top of that, it reduces wasteful runoff and the need for constant watering. This saves you time and effort, and it saves water, especially in drought-prone areas where this is a must.

PittMoss® is available in three unique mixes for all your growing needs:


  • PittMoss® Organic Potting Mix is a ready-to-use potting soil replacement made up of recycled materials, compost, and minerals. It’s all you need to start growing.
  • If you want an extra boost, PittMoss® Performance contains a controlled-release fertilizer that will encourage even more impressive growth.
  • If you don’t want to let go of your current potting mix just yet, then PittMoss® Prime is a soil conditioner that will improve the water and nutrient retention of any growing medium in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.


So why not give PittMoss® a try? It’s good for plants, it’s good for the earth, and it could be good for you.

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