Red Maple Tree Varieties

By Tammy Sons | August 25, 2017
by Tammy Sons
August 25, 2017

Red maple is a tree which is also known by some people as swamp maple or scarlet maple. The leaves are characterized by their ability to change from green to red in fall. The trees can grow in so many places from drought areas to very cold areas. The trees are used in providing shade because they grow very fast and this is the major criteria for selecting shade trees. They are also used as shade trees because they have the ability to tolerate low light levels and the beautiful colors of the leaves beautify the environment where they are found.

The best time to plant red maple trees is either at the beginning of spring or towards the end of winter. This is due to the fact that the young plants will have enough time to get established in the soil before the soil freezes in winter. A mature red maple plant grows up to 90feet tall and a diameter of 35feet wide. There exist hybrids of these trees with different characteristics as discussed below.

The red sunset maple tree grows up to 60 feet tall. It is characterized by green leaves during summer which turns red during fall. The tree is a fast growing reason why it is used as shade in many areas of the world where the climatic conditions allow for its growth. The crown of the mature tree reaches a width of up to 40 feet providing good shade and also host to other animals like beautifully colored birds. The red sunset maple grows in different conditions such as in very dry conditions of drought as well as in extremely cold conditions too. Due to the fact that the roots of the red sunset maple tree grow slowly, it is advisable to plant the tree early in spring so they will be grounded before winter starts whereby the soils get frozen.

Autumn blaze maple trees grow up to 50 feet tall at maturity with the crown having a width of about 40 feet. These fast growing trees are characterized by green leaves in autumn which turn bright orange red in fall. These colors add some natural beauty to the environment where they are found. The leaves of autumn blaze maple trees are also known for not easily falling off but staying longer on the branches of the tree thereby providing beautiful colors all year round. These trees are resistant to pollution, insects and pests reason why they are suitable as shade trees in urban areas. They are not vulnerable to destruction by storms due to the strength of the wood. The best time to plant autumn blaze maple trees is early spring.

Mtn red maple is a small shrub tree that grows up to about 20 feet tall and the crown just about 15 centimeters wide. It’s also shade tolerant and grows very fast. The leaves are characterized by long red stalks which are usually longer than the leaves. The leaves are yellowish-green but turn red, brown or yellow in fall. The best time to plant mountain red maple trees is early spring when the conditions for establishing young roots are best and optimum so that before the onset of the freezing winter conditions the roots will be firm and rooted in the soil.

Based on the various uses and advantages of this variety of trees anyone that wants to buy red maple trees is very much encouraged. The trees are available for sale at affordable prices all year round. People interested in buying the seeds can have them at affordable prices, those interested in buying the young plants can also have them. The trees are economical in the sense that as once planted they can live for as many as 150 years and do not require a lot of maintenance while growing. The residents of Hanging Rock Development in the Tennessee Mountains says red maple trees is already changing colors in their area.

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  • Jack McCurdy
    Comment added October 25, 2019Reply

    Live in zone 9a so do we have to wait until spring to plant a Autumn Blaze maple tree. The ground does freeze. It look like a very beautiful tree.

  • Michelle Attoe
    Comment added September 4, 2017Reply

    Hey, thanks. We live in the Northwoods of WI and I did not know there were so many varieties of the red maple. Now I can identify them just from reading this article. They have been changing for about the last 2 weeks.

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