Safeguarding Your Landscape from Unwanted Visitors

By Amy Grant | November 20, 2018
by Amy Grant
November 20, 2018

Recently, we moved to our dream house and property. At this point in our lives, we had the freedom to work for ourselves and decided to start a lavender farm. We sell not only cut lavender and plants during the spring through fall, but also lavender scented candles, soaps, etc. This means that there is a regular to irregular stream of people, from customers to delivery drivers, on our property. We might be in the field harvesting or in the kitchen making soap or in the garage packaging orders, which makes it difficult to find us on occasion, especially since we have a rather large property.

So, what is the point I’m trying to make here? Simple. For anyone sharing similar circumstances, or just interested in keeping an eye on your place – be it the home, garden, or general surroundings, might I suggest getting a security system of some sort. There are a number to choose from these days, from inconspicuous Wi-Fi types to solar powered cameras and even motion detectors. We opted for a Guardline Outdoor Motion Alert, something to warn us that folks are heading our way.

It was a great price, under $100 bucks, plus it had good reviews and is touted as the number one selling system on Amazon. Who could resist that? Turns out, this system was also extremely simple to install. It has four distinct zones and a different chime can be selected for each. You can add up to 16 sensors and any number of receivers if your security area expands, as many businesses like ours are apt to do. The motion detecting system is great not only for alerting us to potential customers driving up or deliveries arriving, but we don’t have to worry about invasive wildlife or other animals browsing in the fields. In fact, thus far, our system works like a charm and we haven’t missed a single customer yet; and since our neighbors raise goats, which go AWOL now and then and make a beeline to our lavender plants, the security system has gone off and warned us in time to save the plants, and our business!

Guardline has a number of outdoor motion alerts and wireless driveway alarms available, so finding one to suit your particular situation should be easy. Keeping unwanted visitors, like would-be thieves or animal bandits, off your property is important. Having a security system in place can ease your worries and alert you to possible trouble – or possible customers, which are always welcome!

Interested in trying Guardline for yourself?  For a limited time, use the code KNOWHOW to save $20 on any purchase from the Guardline website.

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