SANSI Grow Lights: Keeping Your Houseplants Happy Through Winter

By Liz Baessler | November 28, 2018
by Liz Baessler
November 28, 2018

Plants don’t need much to be happy, but they do need light. While a bright window or even ambient house lighting is enough for some plants, others need a little more help, especially if you’re gardening indoors in winter or starting seeds early in the spring. You’re going to need to supply extra light to keep them growing full and healthy.

SANSI Grow Lights are ideal for this job. To the naked eye, the light they give off looks like that of a regular light bulb. That’s good for you, since it means it won’t look artificial or washed out. But these aren’t regular light bulbs, and your plants will be able to tell the difference. Each bulb is super bright and has an evenly distributed spectrum of blue (19.46%), green (37.70%), red (36.23), and far red (6.61%) with a µmol/s rating of 20, 67, and 98 respectively.

What does that mean, exactly? It means these bulbs very closely imitate natural sunlight. This is great for your plants, which are getting exactly the spectrum they’re meant to grow in. The blue wavelength helps chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption, and promotes vegetative growth. The red wavelength encourages blooming and fruit production, which is extra important if you’re gardening indoors.

Also, while all other LED grow lights on the market are aluminum, SANSI grow lights are ceramic. Ceramic is non-conductive, which means the lights dissipate heat more efficiently and there’s no need for internal fans, housing, or extra adhesives. They take less energy to run, and you pay less to use them. That’s a win for everybody.

SANSI daylight LED plant bulbs are available in both 30W and 40W grow lights. They fit into standard light bulb fixtures, but with their ceramic build, hollow casing, and LED chips, they’re more efficient than anything else you’re going to find on the market. So don’t let winter blues stop you from growing the plants of your dreams. Get yourself a SANSI grow light and start indoor gardening today!

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