Squirrel Prevention Tips: How to Keep Squirrels Away from your Garden

By Augie Gatto | February 18, 2017
by Augie Gatto
February 18, 2017

Many of us go about our lives noticing that squirrels are around but don’t really give them much of a thought otherwise. They are just a part of the beautiful garden landscape of our property, much like the birds in the trees, the rocks along the fence line, or the green grass. They become part of your everyday life.

However, for some, they make a nest in your garden or the attic of your home and become a nuisance. The truth is, that while they can be cute animals, they can also be quite pesky and make a real issue for your home and your family. Squirrels carry a large number of diseases and parasites that make it so that you want to keep them away from your property. Plus, they can be quite messy and destructive and no one wants that either.

If you do want to hire professional nuisance wildlife removal help, do not hire a pest control company or exterminator, who might kill the squirrels and their babies.  Hire a dedicated wildlife control professional, and ask him if he uses humane control methods, such as live trapping and relocation.  You can find a nationwide list of professional experts at Wildlife Removal USA   who are adept at humane animal removal.

The problem is that keeping squirrels away is not an easy chore at all. Because they can dig and they can climb, they can be very difficult to keep off of your property. That makes it a bit of challenge to find a way to tell them to go away short of creating a bunker. If you are looking for some ways to deter their presence around your home, here are some ways to do so.

Chewing – The first thing to understand is that squirrels are rodents, so they will love to chew on things. This means that if you have wood for your home or fence, they will chew on it to sharpen their teeth. This can lead to them creating an opening in your home that they can use to gain access into your walls, garage, or attic. One of the best things you can do is to add something to the outside of your home that will make your wood a lot more unappetizing to chew on. One of the best suggestions that can be given is to take a paint brush and spread hot sauce or hot pepper juice on the wood itself. This will have to be done regularly to make sure that the scent is there, but the squirrels will not be chewing on this for long if it burns their mouth. Look for those really potent chili sauces as well. They will really do the trick.

Feeders – the other problem you will find is that feeders and pet dishes become a perfect place for the squirrel to find food. They love seeds, so the things you are giving to the bird will be perfect for these rodents as well. The problem is that even bird feeders that are hung from the eaves of your house or that are on poles can be accessible to the squirrel because of the ability to climb. There are special bird feeders you can buy that are very difficult for squirrels to get into, but they will find a way if given enough time. What this may mean is that you have to abandon your generosity to the birds, and get rid of your feeder so that the squirrels do not have any food to find on your property. If there is not food they will move on.

It is not just feeders that you have to worry about. Any source of food that is available to the squirrels will be bad. This means that if you have dog or cat dishes that are outside, the rodents will go after them too. They will need to be taken up during the day, but can be left out at night because these animals sleep at night. You also want to make sure that your garbage cans are securely sealed. If they can get into your garbage they will be back over and over to dig out whatever they can find. Make sure that this is kept as tightly closed as possible. You may even need to replace your garbage cans if the squirrels are getting in.

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