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Staying Fresh While Gardening with All-Natural Deodorant

By Mary H. Dyer | March 21, 2017
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Staying Fresh While Gardening with All-Natural Deodorant

by Mary H. Dyer March 21, 2017

Staying Fresh While Gardening with All-Natural Deodorant

By Mary H. Dyer | March 21, 2017

While the searing heat may not be very hospitable to us, the weeds seem to enjoy it as they begin popping up everywhere nearly overnight. The vegetable patch thrives in these temps, producing abundantly, so much so the local wildlife has taken notice, sitting there waiting for just the right moment to come along and sink their teeth into the ripe, juicy fruits. Then there’s the watering that must ensue to keep everything hydrated and happy. And the bugs, well we all know how much they like warm weather. What’s a gardener to do but suck it up and get to hoeing those weeds, harvesting those fruits, irrigating the garden and fending off those pesky insects. After all, it’s what we do.

If you’re like most dedicated gardeners, you love hard work like this. Unfortunately, hard work means sweat, and sweat means your aroma isn’t exactly fresh by the end of the day. Lavilin Deodorant Cream eliminates any concern about those less-than-pleasant odors, and because a single application keeps you fresh for up to seven days, you don’t have to worry about reapplying it every time you go outdoors. Even a shower or a hot bath won’t interfere with its effectiveness. Just pay attention to your body and reapply when you get a whiff that odors are reappearing.

It’s difficult to imagine the body odor generated by military barracks full of hard-working soldiers at the end of the day, but this is exactly the environment for which deodorant cream like this was created more than three decades ago. Since that time, research has indicated that the product works, not by masking odors or blocking the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins via healthy perspiration, but by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria at the source. After all, perspiration is healthy, and believe it or not, it doesn’t stink. In fact, sweat has virtually no odor at all – until it mixes with bacteria. In simple terms, no bacteria means no odor.

More importantly, this cream contains no pore-clogging aluminum or other harmful chemicals. Instead, the all-natural deodorant prevents perspiration odors using a combination of natural herbs, plant extracts and essential oils – items every gardener can appreciate. And all ingredients are hypo-allergenic, working together to address dryness issues while softening and hydrating the toughest skin – or the most delicate. To most gardeners, this is especially good to know. You wouldn’t want to fill the garden with chemicals, so why would you want to cover your body in them.

Since the creation of its pioneering deodorant cream, Lavilin has continued to perfect and grow its line of deodorants and other healthy skin care products, just as we gardeners continue to perfect and grow things in the garden. You don’t even have to be a gardener to appreciate them, but it certainly eases the minds of those of us that do, knowing that we can work in the hot, steamy garden without any worries of offending others with foul odors or harming our bodies with potentially harmful chemicals.

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    Comment added May 4, 2017Reply

    As much as I love the idea of natural deodorant, none of them actually make a difference for me. Especially during the summer months, my sweat is out of control. I've always had issues with over-sweating my entire life. A few months ago I read an article about different deodorants and junglejuice was listed on there. I was hesitant to stray away from the all-natural but I knew I needed a deodorant with an extra kick to it. I'll tell you this stuff is amazing. It stays on even after my outdoor workouts in the summer heat! Now I can work all day and then run to happy hour with the girls without feeling self-conscious the entire time. It's worth a look into for sure:

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