Storing the Garden Harvest with BioBags

By Mary H. Dyer | May 4, 2017
Image by BioBag
by Mary H. Dyer
May 4, 2017

We’ve all used them – those familiar, zip-seal bags found in every supermarket and bargain store across the country. They may be convenient, but reclosable plastic bags are petroleum-based, which means they aren’t biodegradable, and they are piling up in landfills by the hundreds of millions. Gardeners are a conscientious group of people who truly care about healthy air, soil and water, but folks who grow vegetables, herbs and fruits also depend on plastic bags for preserving the bounty of the harvest. It’s a quandary: Is there a way to store food safely and conveniently without worrying about negative impacts to the environment?

Yes, there is! BioBag not only cares about protecting the environment but is also committed to creating reliable, high quality products. Unlike reclosable plastic bags from the supermarket, BioBag resealable food storage products are convenient as well as flexible, breathable, and ideally suited for storing food in the freezer or the pantry. Even fatty, acidic foods remain safe and fresh longer when stored in BioBags.

Gardeners can safely store their garden harvest in standard quart-sized BioBags, and sandwich-sized bags are every bit as convenient for smaller amounts of food, like for packing a healthy lunch made with fresh produce from the garden. It doesn’t stop here”¬¶for folks in need of larger sizes to accommodate those surplus bounties or even smaller storage bags for a quick take-along snack of cherry tomatoes or grapes, both gallon- and snack-size BioBags will be on the market this fall.

When you’re finished with the bags (if you’re not reusing them), you can simply toss them into your compost with food scraps and garden waste. Because the bags are made of non-genetically modified corn starch, vegetable oil and other substances obtained from plants, they won’t delay the composting process and they break down at about the same rate as other compostable materials. Even the resealable zippers are completely biodegradable. How cool is that?

Composting is an important part of giving back to the environment, and especially welcomed by gardeners. The addition of organic matter in the garden helps retain moisture, supports living organisms, and improves soil health overall, which promotes vigorous plant growth. With BioBag storage bags, we can now have our cake and eat it too!

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