Summer Tips from Monrovia, a Reputable Name You Can Trust

By Caroline Bloomfield | May 28, 2019
Image by Monrovia
by Caroline Bloomfield
May 28, 2019

Planning summer vacation? Consider beautiful low-fuss plants. Your garden’s looking great right now, but your summer vacation is on the horizon. Maybe you have a live-in gardener who’ll nurture your plants every day while you’re gone, but if not, consider checking out some low-maintenance alternatives that almost take care of themselves. Choose some hardy plants from Monrovia that can stand up to the summer weather while you take that much needed break.

Coloring Your Space

Some of the brightest survivors boast intense color. Lantana’s summer flowers come in multiple combinations, which attract some of the best birds and insects. Layering along walkways or stuffing large pots full of this beautiful plant will make your summer sing. For a multitude of colors all in one pot, fill in with some Portulaca, which will continue to provide a riot of color for a special spot in your yard or on the deck.

Azure Brush Germanders

Have a corner that could use some brightening up? Try planting several Azure Brush Germanders wherever you want a gorgeous color splash. Give it some background or surround it with a halo of something interesting, like Bush Tenacity Kangaroo Paw, for upright bright yellow flowers topping red stems.

Hot Summer Aromatics

There’s nothing headier than the aroma of herbs in the summer. Most herbs don’t require much attention and their olfactory gift is as pleasing as the stunning visuals. For easy care and beauty, it’s hard to find anything more satisfying than purple sage, lavenders and rosemary. Try lining your walkways or planting these beautiful plants under windows for aromas that create memories for years to come.

Kudos Gold Dwarf Hummingbird Mint

Monrovia’s robust Santa Barbara Mexican Sage, Arp Rosemary and Phenomenal French Lavender are aromatic dreams in deep shades of purple. But did you know there is an aromatic mint that produces bright golden-yellow flowers? Kudos Gold Dwarf Hummingbird Mint from Monrovia is a perfect addition to your herb collections. And all of them only ask for relatively easy care in the summer.

Angelina Stonecrop

Succulent Fascination

The fractal designs and patterns of Hens and Chicks are some of nature’s most exquisite work. Luckily, many of them are fuss-free, asking for minimal care and water. Contrasted with a simpler succulent like Serpent’s Blue Chalk, or a brilliant Angelina Stonecrop, succulent gardens can withstand a lot of summer weather and still be beautiful when you come home from your well-earned summer holiday.

Of course, depending upon your climate, certain plants will do better in summer than others. A deep watering before you leave and providing a bit of wind protection may be important in your area. Monrovia prides itself on its long-standing reputation as a strong, reputable grower. Look for their plants that are summer super-heroes – plants that wait patiently for your return, and won’t punish you for being away.

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