Sun Protective Clothing and Accessories That Give You Peace of Mind

By Nikki Tilley | June 7, 2019
Image by Nikki Tilley
by Nikki Tilley
June 7, 2019

Whether you’re sensitive to sunlight or just looking to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays while dabbling in outdoor activities, like gardening, wearing the right clothing or accessories is important, and Coolibar has you covered – literally.

While many of us don our sunglasses and perhaps a hat when we head outdoors, this isn’t enough. And if you think slathering on all that sunscreen and going about your business means you’re good to go, think again. That, too, is still not enough. Wearing sunscreen alone doesn’t protect you 100% from harmful UV rays. Melanoma is real…and skin cancer is no joke. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this. We love being outside and do so without giving sunlight a second thought – until we have to. The sun doesn’t discriminate either. Men, women and children are all at risk.

Years of construction work in the blazing sun managed to catch up with my husband long after he quit, as much as a decade later. He was diagnosed with melanoma in several areas of his body – his face, back, hands, arms. Luckily, it was caught early enough to be treated. After years of gardening, I’ve become well aware of how unfriendly the sun can be with painful sunburns, sometimes accompanied by blisters. Thankfully, I wised up and now I try my best to cover up whenever I’m working in the garden.

You may enjoy spending time outdoors, as I often do in the garden, but you need to do so safely. This is where Coolibar can help. They are the first sun protective clothing company to receive the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation with their innovative UPF 50+ products and fabrics that are designed to block 98% of UV rays, and guaranteed to last a lifetime. I’ve used their hats in the garden and continue to do so. Not only do they provide suitable sun protection but they’re comfortable too. And they have plenty of choices across the board so everyone in the family can find something.

Coolibar Zip-Off Visor

Recently, I tried (and even shared with my niece to spread the love) some additional products. While I love the hat I currently have, you can’t go wrong with this Women’s Sports Cap. If you remember my last post, you know I’m not typically a hat person, so if I’m wearing one it needs to fit well and allow my head to breathe at the same time. This hat did both. It’s comfortable and cool, and works well for nearly any outdoor activity. I can wear it in the garden or while running errands AND you have the added bonus of UV protection.

Bel Aire Zip-Off Sun Visor

Of course, if you’re more interested in a sun hat type style, the Bel Aire Zip-Off Sun Visor with a velcro adjustable tab and zip-off crown provides full coverage, especially on those hot sunny days in the garden. And we all know how important skin protection is in the garden.

One of my favorites, though it looks much better on my niece than me, is the Coral Sun Gaitor. This cute lightweight, moisture wicking garment (with Cooltech™ technology) can be worn several different ways to provide optimal sun coverage just where you need it – use as a stylish headband, as a face cover or around your neck.

Wearing the Women’s Performance Sleeves

If you’re looking for sun protection on your arms as you spend time outdoors, especially during sports or other fitness activities, the Women’s Performance Sleeves may be just the thing. They pull on easily with loops for your fingers and thumb, while providing adequate coverage to the backs of your hands.

For everyday leisure anywhere you go, be it walking the dog, gardening, sporting events, or working outdoors, you want to be comfortable and safe. Coolibar offers both with stylish, lightweight clothing and accessories along with the peace of mind in knowing you’re fully protected from the sun. I’ve enjoyed them so much that I have some of their Summer Capris on the way too!

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