The Back Tool That Makes Gardening Easy

By Caroline Bloomfield | April 29, 2019
Image by BackEZ
by Caroline Bloomfield
April 29, 2019

Ah, spring”¦ such an inspiring time of year for devoted gardeners. But it’s also the season of going to bed with achy arms, back, knees, feet, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. We love gardening, but let’s face it, sometimes it hurts, right? So, any time there’s a new way to make gardening easier on the body, my ears perk up.


Shoveling snow or just raking up winter’s chaos from the yard can really take a toll on your back and arms. Then spring demands that we rake away dead leaves and winter debris. Hoeing those newly sprouted mini-weeds each spring is one of the worst pain culprits for me. Turning your compost with a shovel can set you back a notch and then, when you’re ready for new soil in your fresh garden bed, you have to push and pull the soil with a heavy rake or shovel to level your planting surface. Simple daily outdoor tasks make gardening more of a challenge than it should be. So, save your brute strength for something more meaningful.

BackEZ ergonomic handle

Here’s an amazingly simple idea that some smart (read: sore) person decided to patent: Any tool in your shed with a long-stick handle – hoe, rake, shovel, broom, power washer, squeegee, pitchfork – can be converted into a super tool with one surprisingly practical plastic add-on offset handle. The BackEZ ergonomic handle makes work with a stick tool easier on your body, helps you do the job more quickly, and requires way less energy.


Ergonomics is a rather dull term for basic body comfort, but when you’re an ambitious gardener, ergonomics becomes critical. This great handle helps to create more force at the working end of the tool. Rather than laboring with both wrists on the pole, one hand is controlling and balancing while the other is pushing or pulling to generate the power you need. 

Using this BackEZ offset handle can actually decrease your muscle strain by 30%. That’s a lot. It can also cut down on back bending by up to 10 inches (25 cm.), which is remarkable. Standing up straight while you work is key to a comfortable back.

The BackEZ people designed an auxiliary offset handle so simple that it slips and locks easily onto your “stick” tools and, once you use it, I’m pretty sure you won’t go back. Grabbing the comfortable handle with one hand and holding your tool’s stick-pole with the other actually changes the center of gravity. It’s so much easier to do heavy jobs this way. You can secure the handle onto the pole where it’s most comfortable for your height and arm length – the relief for your back is remarkable, not to mention the added ease for your arm muscles.


If you’ve ever had a back injury, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or just a sore gardener’s body, you’ll love having these virtual life savers in the garden and around your home. If you aren’t impressed already, here are a few more details about this remarkable little gadget:

  • It comes in different colors to help you spot which tool you’re looking for.
  • Its hex tool tightener tucks inside the handle.
  • It’s roomy enough that a gloved fist can grasp it with no problem.
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • It weighs only 7.3 ounces.
  • It’s inexpensive.

The best part of the BackEZ is what it does for your back. Let’s be honest. Gardening can be painful, but it shouldn’t be. And now it doesn’t have to. This amazing product is available through Amazon. For just under $10, you can get this tool add-on and experience pain-free gardening and other push/pull tasks year-round.

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