The Colors and Traditions Behind Roses

By Mary Ellen Ellis | May 28, 2018
by Mary Ellen Ellis
May 28, 2018

Roses are perennial favorites for decorating and celebrating a number of occasions. They are showy, beautiful, and smell wonderful, and they come in such a variety of colors, of which you can find many offered by Jackson & Perkins. Their long stems, although thorny, make them great for arrangements. But did you know that there is a meaning behind the color of a rose? Before you choose roses to give as a gift or for party decorations, be sure you know what message you’re sending.


Red Roses for Romantic Love – This is an easy one in that a red rose means love is something most people know. This is the classic Valentine’s Day choice and a great way to say ‘I love you’ for the first time. Red roses are also a good choice for wedding decorations.


Dark Pink for Gratitude – When you are thanking someone you care about, choose a magenta or deep pink rose variety. These and other pink varieties mean gratitude and compassion, making a great choice for a Mother’s Day bouquet or as a gift for anyone to whom you want to show your appreciation.


Yellow Roses for Joy, Fun, and Celebration – Sunny yellow roses, according to some histories of flower language, symbolize infidelity, but in modern times they have a better meaning. A yellow bouquet symbolizes joy, happiness, and friendship. Often associated with the sun, yellow roses perfect for brightening someone’s day! These are a great option for gifting a friend on their birthday or using to decorate a celebratory party, like for a graduation. Likewise, you can give them to a new mother to celebrate her new bundle of joy – and the many years of fun that will come!


White Roses to Celebrate the Innocent – A white rose symbolizes innocence and purity, and while some people choose them for weddings, it sends a very definite message. White roses are perfect for babies and children and make great decorations for baby showers and other celebrations of new life. Perfect for Mother’s Day too, indicating pure love between a mother and child.


Purple Roses are Enchanting – An uncommon color among roses, purple is unique and special. These flowers symbolize enchantment and mystery. Give them to someone you want to get to know better or to let someone know that they are special to you. Purple roses can add mystery and visual interest to a theme wedding or costume party.


Coral for Passion – A coral rose, sometimes also described as salmon, is a symbol of passion, a very powerful statement about desire that is reflected in this rich color. Choose who you give coral roses to wisely; they make a great gift for a partner or spouse for a romantic occasion.


Orange Marks Enthusiasm – While similar to coral, orange is a distinct shade in rose varieties. This bright, fun color denotes enthusiasm and excitement. Use these roses for decorations at any exuberant occasion, such as a birthday party.


The messages behind roses are fun to play with and use to communicate a mood or something more specific, like ‘I love you’ or ‘I appreciate our friendship.’ And roses and their colors aren’t just for bouquets. Choose varieties for your garden, from growers like Jackson & Perkins, to create the mood you want, or pick a range of colors so you can cut and use the blooms appropriately for any occasion.

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