The Easier Way to Build Raised Beds in the Garden

By Mark Bang | February 6, 2019
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by Mark Bang
February 6, 2019

Gardening is a great activity that comes with so many benefits, but it also comes with a lot of challenges. Any option that gives you the opportunity to overcome some of the challenges that gardening presents is a good option.

If you get tired of dealing with garden problems, there is a solution that will help you to enjoy your time in the garden more!

Raised Beds in the Garden

Raised beds are boxes that are built and filled with soil and plants. Raised beds are becoming more and more popular because they help to overcome garden challenges while defining specific garden space. They are ideal in both small and large areas. They add interest to the landscape. They also help you to make the most out of the space that you have.

It is a very simple solution that can deliver a lot of benefits. A raised bed can:

  • Make for easier access
  • Take the strain off your back
  • Reduce the need to weed
  • Reduce the amount of water required
  • Keep pests to a minimum
  • Make harvesting easier
  • Help you to control the soil

Raised beds are a great solution for a wide range of challenges that we face in the garden. You will not have to kneel or stoop over to manage the garden, which can help to keep you from straining your back.

The soil is contained inside the “garden box” so you can better control the moisture in the soil. You will lose a lot less water to runoff. Weeds and garden pests are easier to control when your garden is not planted directly into the ground soil.

They are also a barrier that helps to keep kids and pets out of the garden and to keep your plants from getting trampled by accident.

Harvesting vegetables grown in a raised bed is easier. You won’t have to dig around or bend down; the delicious fruit and vegetables will be readily available.

One of the things that many gardeners must deal with is soil that is subpar. Soil is critical to a healthy garden.  It can be very frustrating trying to get your soil just right. When you amend your ground soil, you must deal with runoff and things that are out of your control. With a raised bed, it is a lot easier to control the quality of your soil because the soil is contained.

Sounds Great! But”¦

Raised beds sound like the perfect solution until you start to think about the work that goes into creating raised beds and the expense. You will have to have at least some skill set working with wood and tools to complete the job.

Depending on the size of the area that you want to place your beds, lumber can get expensive. You will have to be able to cut the lumber to the right size, then figure out how you will join the lumber. You will also have to set aside the time to do the construction.

Ultimately, you will wind up more stressed trying to build the beds than you are dealing with your garden woes in the first place, but do not give up hope. There is an easy way that anyone can build sturdy raised beds that are aesthetically pleasing and require no tools!

It is okay to take the easy way out sometimes!

Pallet Collars Are the Answer

Most people are very familiar with pallets. They are used to ship and store goods by most manufacturers across a wide range of industries. Wooden pallets are also favorite of DIY fans that recycle them into everything from planters to whole furniture sets.

Pallet collars are not quite as familiar (unless you live in Sweden and other areas that have taken the pallet collar raised bed idea and really run with it). Pallet collars are boards that are hinged together on all sides to create a box. They are used to add walls to a standard sized pallet, although they do come in custom sizes.

These collars are durable and easy to use. You do not even need to know how to use hand tools like a screwdriver to build with them.

What does all this have to do with gardening? Pallet collars are the way to go to build your raised beds, without tools, without the skill set, without cutting lumber and without the cost of lumber! They fold flat for easy storage then open to create boxes. You simply stack them as high as you want to create an easy access raised garden bed!

They are also affordable. You get the results that you want for your garden without having to deal with building your own walls.

Just Fill Them with Soil

You can order your pallet collars here and simply stack them together in any configuration you want. Just add soil to the interior of the box to fill the bed up and you are ready to start growing a beautiful garden.

The time it takes to design and build a raised bed area using pallet collars is less than an hour! 

Customize the Look

You can add your own customizations to the pallet collars before you build the boxes. Painting them different colors will add to the décor value. Stenciling on letters is also a great way to add a little custom feature to your garden.

There are quite a few ways that you can customize a raised bed to show off your unique style.

Some Tips

To extend the life of the pallet collars, it is a good idea to apply stain to the wood. It will not only help to protect the wood, but it will also give your garden a more finished look.

You can also line the boxes with some weed/moisture barrier material to help even further improve moisture retention and to keep wayward seeds from other plants finding their way into the box.

Make Gardening Easier

Make this season one of the most successful gardening seasons yet by getting some pallet collars and raising your gardens!

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