The Essentials of Keeping Your Garden Tools Organized

By Mary Ellen Ellis | April 10, 2018
Image by RedHed Tools
by Mary Ellen Ellis
April 10, 2018

Most of us remember our parents telling us to pick up and put away our toys. It always seemed a little pointless, right? You were just going to get them back out again. Now, you know that it’s important to take care of your things, and that includes the tools you use for gardening. Keep them organized, clean, and in one place, and they will serve you well for years.

Why Take the Time to Organize Tools?

Your gardening tools are essential for creating your garden, so for this reason alone you should consider how you store and organize them. If your tools are not in tip-top shape, you can’t use them effectively to craft, shape, and maintain a beautiful and bountiful garden. Here are some other reasons you need to organize and keep your tools all in one place:

  • Simply leaving your tools outside may be convenient but will cause them to rust and break down more quickly.
  • Organizing your tools means you save time when you don’t have to search for just the right one.
  • You always know where your tools are, so they are not likely to go missing.
  • Keeping tools together and organized helps keep them clean. You are not likely to put them away when dirty and organizing will remind you to clean before you store.
  • With a good organizing strategy, you can avoid the swearing frustration of untangling hoes, rakes, and trowels from each other.


Do You Need a Tool for Organizing Tools?

So, does organizing and arranging your garden tools mean that you need an additional tool? Not necessarily, but there are some very good reasons to invest in something that will help you keep your tools all in one place. If you try to store your tools without some kind of organizing system, you may just lean them up in a line against the inside wall of the garage.

But what happens after a couple of weeks, or maybe even just a few days? You try to keep them in line, but without some kind of structure, the rake falls over, the tiller tips behind the garage shelves, and the next thing you know you’ve scratched your car and the tools are just jumbled in a pile again. It’s well worth your money to spare your sanity and get an organizing system.


The Garden Tool Case

One great solution, especially for those who have a smaller space for gardening tools, is the RedHed Tools Garden Tool Master Kit. This hard case is ideal for keeping all your tools in one spot, clean, and organized. It’s also a great solution if you could use some new tools.

The case comes with easy-to-assemble and take apart tools for trouble-free storage. The kit includes two detachable shovel heads, a rake head, and a broom, and there are five different handles that allow you to create 32 different tool combinations.

Storage is important for gardening tools, and the hard case from RedHed is a solution that gives you storage, organization, and the ability to keep your tools clean and all in one easy-to-access space.

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